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An Easy 5 Minute Makeup Routine for Every Day

Five Minute Makeup Routine

I rarely leave the house without some makeup on, unless I happen to be sick. But I don't always spend lots of time putting on makeup - I have a fast routine … [read more]

Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas – Redecorating My Home Office

  A few years ago, we turned our unused dining room into a home office for me. While I loved having my own space to work, after two years, I felt that … [read more]

Roundup of Weekend Sales - 20%-40% off!

Roundup of Weekend Sales – September 26th-28th

Need some new clothes this fall? Here are some great sales taking place this weekend. Some are for specific items, while others are for your entire purchase. … [read more]


4 Reasons You May Want to Get a Prepaid Phone #GoPhone

Last month, I posted about the one month GoPhone trial that I was participating in. My month is up, and I wanted to come back and write about my experience. … [read more]

Interviewing the Stars of the Best of Me Movie

Interviewing the Stars of the Best of Me Movie #TheBestOfMe

After reading Nicholas Sparks' novel, the Best of Me, earlier this year, I was excited to visit the set in Louisiana and interview the stars. I had quite a few … [read more]

Decorative Pumpkin Painting

Decorative Pumpkin Painting

Now that it's officially fall, it's time to pull out the pumpkins. Although I think traditional pumpkins are great, I also enjoy doing some decorative pumpkin … [read more]

New Fall Styles from New Balance

New Fall Kids’ Shoes from New Balance

My kids' feet don't grow nearly as fast as they did when they were younger, so they usually wear their shoes out just as they outgrow them. Sneakers get a lot … [read more]


DIY Lighted Blue Mason Jar Tutorial

I've been addicted to Mason jar crafts lately, because they always look great. This glowing lighted blue Mason jar is such a pretty, soft accent for any room, … [read more]


Get a Free Mug From Tiny Prints

Affiliate links For a very limited time, Tiny Prints is offering a free custom mug to all customers with no minimum purchase required You will have to pay … [read more]

Fall Fashion With J. Jill

Fall Fashion With J. Jill

With the lows overnight almost hitting 32 degrees, it very obvious that fall is coming. Today is the coolest day of September so far, and it's almost time for … [read more]

The Best of Me Movie

Behind the Scenes of Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me Movie Set #TheBestOfMe

  Back in May, I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to spent the day visiting the set of the Best of Me, a movie based upon a … [read more]

Shopping at the Family Dollar for a Game Day Party

Host a Football Viewing Party (Free Printables) Plus Giveaway

The cooler temps and changing leaves here in New England mean that it's football season once again! Our favorite team, the New England Patriots, has been a … [read more]

Fujitsu ScanSnap Portable Scanner Review

Fujitsu ScanSnap Portable Scanner Review

I do a lot of traveling, and there are times when having a scanner would come in handy. Whether it's a contract or form that I have to fill out on the road or … [read more]

Stylish Reading Glasses

Stylish Reading Glasses

With my 40th birthday earlier this year came the unfortunate news that I now need to wear reading glasses. Although I can still see okay to read, my eyes are … [read more]

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