5 Things Moms Should Do For Themselves Now

5 Things For Moms To DoAs moms, we always focus on others.   But there are a few things you can do for yourselves that will easily improve your health, confidence, appearance and overall well being.   Here are five things you should do for yourself starting right now!

  1. Drink more water.   Yes, we’ve heard this one over and over again and it’s absolutely true.   Keeping yourself hydrated, especially in the summer months, will improve your skin and make you feel better.   Best of all – it’s absolutely free!!
  2. Wear sunscreen.   Do you want to improve your skin tone, keep yourself healthier, and help ward off skin cancer?   Wear sunscreen everyday, even when it’s cloudy.   Make sure you touch up your face throughout the day – I like to use a powder sunscreen so I don’t mess up my makeup.   When spending the day outside, wear a fashionable sun hat to further protect your face, and your hair.
  3. Get a proper bra fitting.   We’ve all heard the stat that most women are wearing the wrong bra size.   What are you waiting for?   Go to a shop like Nordstrom or Soma Intimates and have them measure you.   You’ll be amazed at how different you can look.   Once you get a bra fitting, get a swimsuit that actually fits you.
  4. Have your eyebrows professional shaped.   Even if you maintain your brows yourself, you’ll be so surprised to see how much a professional brow shaping can really brighten your face.   I am not a fan of waxing, so try to find a place that will thread, or (even better) tweeze your brows into the perfect shape for you.   Then, follow my tips for keeping your brows groomed between professional shapings.
  5. Get a complete physical every year.   Yes, you are probably busy enough running to and from doctor appointments for your kids.   But you need to keep yourself healthy too!   An annual physical, including pap, bloodwork, and skin check, is essential to maintaining a healthy life.   Get a flu shot too – I skipped one a few years ago and ended up in bed with the flu for over a week!


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