About Mom's Favorite Stuff and Jodi GrundigHi, I’m Jodi Grundig. Welcome to the About page for Mom’s Favorite Stuff.  I’m passionate about travel, healthy living, shopping, beauty, and being a mom.  I used to work outside the home as a director of finance for a large mutual fund company. I decided to become a work at home mom.  I live West of Boston and have an eight-year old son, a ten-year old daughter, a Havanese dog, and a very patient husband.Boston mom blog

I decided to name this site Mom’s Favorite Stuff so that I could always write about my passions.  My passions have changed over the years, from baby products and diaper bags to stylish handbags and fun family travel.  However, , you’ll always find my true opinions on products mixed in with anecdotes about my personal life (I especially love this one) on Mom’s Favorite Stuff.

I currently work with Fandango, the Boston Red Sox, Stonyfield Farms, and Microsoft.  Currently I am serving as a Disney Parks Moms Panelist.  I’m active on a bunch of social media platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (check out my sidebar for links). I am also the owner of Family Travel Magazine.  I co-founded Boston Parent Bloggers.

In my spare time, I’m a room parent and PTA volunteer. Yes, it’s a lot of work.  But if you love it, it’s not work, right?  Read about my editorial policies and get my contact information here.

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