Anticipating Teen Beach Movie on The Disney Channel #teenbeachmovie

Teen Beach Movei

Disclosure: I received Disney Channel “Teen Beach Movie” products in exchange for a post about the film. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My daughter loves the Disney Channel, as has especially enjoyed all of the Disney Channel Original Movies. I’m pretty sure she (and me, by extension) can quote almost any line in any of the High School Musicals or Camp Rocks. We’ve got all of the music on our road trip playlists, and own all of the DVDs. So, my daughter was thrilled to hear about the brand-new Disney Channel Original Movie – “Teen Beach Movie” – featuring Ross Lynch from one of her favorite shows, Austin & Ally. The movie is geared towards kids and tweens aged 6-14, and is great for a fun, family movie night (a Saturday night tradition in our house).

Teen Beach MovieIn the movie, teen surfers ride a wave that takes them into a West Side Story themed movie, where it’s surfers versus bikers. Of course, like any good teen beach movie, there’s lots of singing and dancing. The movie premieres on July 19, 2013 at 8pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel. In addition to Lynch, the movie also starts Maia Mitchell, who my kids recognized from a recent appearance on Jessie.

To celebrate the release of the movie, I received a fun Teen Beach Movie package so we could create our own family movie night. Of course, my daughter chose Camp Rock 2 as the movie of the night, and the kids had fun donning the cool cardboard glasses/hair masks. We also made some popcorn, which the kids ate out of their new Teen Beach Movie popcorn cups. It was a fun way to celebrate the new movie, and the kids can’t wait until they can actually watch it.

To learn more about Teen Beach Movie, check out the official Teen Beach Movie trailer on the Disney website.



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