At Home Gel Manicure With Red Carpet Manicure

If you’ve heard about gel manicures, you know that they are long-lasting and help harden your nails.   They are also somewhat expensive and time consuming to get, which makes the concept of an at-home solution sound appealing to me.   When I was getting my hair cut and colored at Ulta a few weeks ago, I saw the Red Carpet Manicure pro kit, and decided to give it a try.   Although it is pricey, it includes everything you need to create your own gel manicure (and is a great value in comparison to a professional gel manicure).

So, how does it work?   Well, the first time I tried it, I went a little too quickly and applied the layers too thick.   So, while it dried very fast, the polish peeled off a few of the nails a day or two later.   I’ve learned that it’s essential to apply the layers super thin, and to take my time.

The kit does come with the prep solution, the structure solution, a bottle of color, the brilliance top coat, the LED lamp, the remover, and the purify cleanser.   The light works really well at drying the layers too – something I was concerned about.   I didn’t love the color that was included in the package, but lots of other colors are available.

You can find the Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 – Starter Kit at

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