Because Every Mom Needs a Fun and Functional Summer Bag

NankeenAs a bag obsessed mommy, I think every occasion warrants a new bag – a new job, a fun event, or even a change of season.   Most moms need to carry lots of things around with them, even if their children aren’t in diapers, so a big, fun, useful bag is a must!   This summer, check out the gorgeous bags from Nankeen Style, especially the beautiful Ying bag, which I’ve been carrying.   Not only are they attractive and useful, they are  totally unique.  

Each bag and accessory is created using a historic Chinese process.   Hand carved stencils are made of heavy paper, and a mixture of soy bean flour and slaked lime is applied through the stencils and onto the fabric (made of 100% cotton).   After the mixture dries, the fabric is dipped into indigo dye, and when the now blue fabric dries, the paste is scraped off.   The result is beautifully crafted, unique, fabric with gorgeous designs!

The bag itself is extremely functional.   At 22 x 14.5 x 6, it’s large enough to hold everything you may need for the day, including your own items.   The padded laptop case can be used to store personal items or a computer.   It’s lightweight and beautiful, with patterns resembling an ocean wave!  

Nankeen Style also offers handbags (I just love the Port style), big bags, and decorative pillows.   Check them out at     Use the coupon code momsfavoritestuff for 10% off your purchase.