Big Bellies Bibs to Keep Your Child Clean

Big Bellies BibsNew moms all fall for the same trap – thinking that all bibs are made the same.   Registering for products at my local baby superstore – I just chose cute sayings and neutral colors, not really thinking at all about function.

When my daughter starting eating solids, those fun slogans did me no good at all.   One jar of baby carrots later, the slogan was covered in orange that would never come out.   Furthermore, my daughter shirt was also tinted with orange – the bib wasn’t at all water resistant.

With my son, we tried out Big Bellies Bibs.   Big Bellies bibs, which are made in the US, are machine washable and nylon backed, so they actually keep things clean.   The available patterns are all adorable and since the bib is also functional, it’s a great package.

You can find Big Bellies bibs at   With the code Feb5Off, you can save $5 on purchases of $40 or more through 3/15.   All orders of 3 bibs or more receive free shipping.

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