Bosley Hair Conditioner for Fine Hair

Conditioner for Fine Hair

Although I have a lot of it, my hair is actually very fine.  It makes doing any sort of fancy style difficult, because anything I put in my hair just slides right out.  I am grateful for the quantity of hair though, because I know lots of people who have thin hair and really don’t know what to do with it.  Bosley, a line of professional strength hair products, recently sent me their Healthy Hair Strengthening Masque to try out.

The Bosley Strengthening Masque is very thick, and is applied to hair after shampooing.  It can be used in the shower – I let it sit in my hair while I use my Clarisonic on my face and wash up.  It needs to stay on for about 5 minutes, which isn’t bad at all for a deep conditioning treatment.  I comb it out right in the shower to make sure I get rid of any tangles.

After using the Bosley Strengthening Masque, my hair feels soft and healthy, but not at all weighted down, which can be a problem with some conditioners.  I’m also glad that it’s color safe, since I get my hair colored frequently.

To learn more about Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Strengthening Masque, visit their website.

Disclosure: I received this Bosley Hair Conditioner at no cost for review.


  1. Monique says

    nice, thank you for the recommendation, I use another one which has helped me a lot, it’s pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair conditioner, leaves my hair soft, moisturized and healthy. 😀

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