Building the 100th Anniversary Girl Scout Build a Bear

My Daisy (soon to be Brownie) troop celebrated their annual cookie sales, and the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, by building the very limited edition Girl Scout bear at our local Build a Bear workshop.   The bear has been incredibly popular, and the only way we could guarantee that each girl (all 18 of them), would get a bear is by booking a party.

I’d actually never been to a party at the Build a Bear Workshop, but it was so much fun.   The girls each got the limited edition bear, and while they weren’t able to get an outfit during the party, they are getting them as a surprise from us leaders at our year-end pizza and ice cream party.   Since they’ve just bridged to Daisies, they are getting a special Build a Bear brownie uniform from us.

boston mom blog girl scout bearAlthough I think this little guy looks perfect as he is, doesn’t he?

I’m told the bears will be back in stock for general purchase in stores later this month, and they’ll be a great purchase for any Girl Scout.

Find out more at the Build a Bear website.

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