Carry Your Baby In Comfort and Style with Beco

becoWhen my first child was born, I received a hand-me-down of a well-known brand carrier from a friend of mine.   True, it served its purpose, but let’s be honest, nothing about it was stylish. And I’m now that I’m fully immersed in kiddie culture, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover Beco Baby Carriers when my kids were young enough (and light enough) to carry.   The Beco is, in a word, beautiful.   The simple lines of this carrier are highlight by over two dozen gorgeous fabrics to choose from including groovy florals, bold geometrics, solid colors and lots of nature-inspired prints.   Suited for carrying newborns through toddlers (7-45 lbs), the Beco offers the versatility of carrying your baby on your front or back (though the child is always facing you) and allows you to switch between the two methods while your child remains in the carrier ““ a handy feature when you’re trying to switch between tasks. The built-in and removable infant insert allows young babies to sit higher in the pack and the included hood/headrest (stored in the waist band) attaches easily to provide your baby with extra head support or naptime shade.

Comfort is key with any carrier and the Beco doesn’t disappoint.   While padded shoulder straps and a waist and chest belt guarantee a good fit on you, the soft, padded interior gives baby a cozy ride ensuring that it is just as comfortable for the baby as it is on your back and shoulders. The carrier comes with both written directions and a DVD and I recommend using at least one of these instructional methods to make sure you’re wearing the carrier correctly.   I initially just tried to throw it on without any help, but found some key suggestions once I went back and watched the DVD, especially for using the infant insert, utilizing all the various carry methods and obtaining a comfortable fit.

For a beautiful carrier that combines style, comfort and function, visit and prepare yourself for the real problem”“”“deciding which of the gorgeous fabrics to choose!


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    Kate, I can’t agree with your post more!!! The Beco is so comfortable and the gorgeous array of choices is unparalleled in the world of baby carriers!

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