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Preppy Nursery Decor

Preppy Nursery Decor

Preppy Nursery Decor by jodigrundig on Polyvore When I was decorating my nursery for my first child, I had to go with a neutral decor. I was told by one ultrasound tech that she was a boy, followed by another who said she was a girl. I ended up choosing a green teddy bear theme,… [read more]

Disney Baby Products Now Available at DisneyBaby.com

I’ve written before about Disney Baby, a product line of adorable baby products featuring some of the most beloved Disney characters around.   Now, these unique baby products are now available online at DisneyBaby.com.   I’ve seen some of the products first hand, and they are really cute and fun.   I especially love the… [read more]

Mine For Nine: Maternity Clothes Rental Giveaway

When I was pregnant, I spent a small fortune on maternity clothes.   I worked outside the home, and needed business casual clothing and suits, along with my weekend wardrobe and a couple of nice dresses for weddings I attended.   Being so short, I moved to maternity clothes pretty early in my pregnancy, so… [read more]

Spring Has Sprung at Petunia Picklebottom


I recently had the chance to catch up with the owners at Petunia Picklebottom and wanted to share some of my favorite picks from their spring collection (and some hints about things to come!) Shopper Totes: I’ve been using Petunia Shopper Totes for the past year and can’t tell you how many compliments I get… [read more]

Calm Coughs and Colds with Crane Humidifiers & Giveaway


Springtime = crazy weather where I live. In the last month we’ve had rainstorms, dense fog, sunshine that edges towards 80F, cold winds, warm winds with a day or two of perfection thrown in. Needless to say, this wild weather can do a number on one’s eyes, ears and throat. Whether it’s been allergies, colds… [read more]

Pregnant, or Know a Deserving Pregnant Mom? Win a Moody Mamas Wardrobe

Brown Jersey V-Neck Dress

You may remember that Chris posted a review of Moody Mamas’ maternity clothes last year.   As a mom who desperately tried to be stylish while pregnant, I totally appreciate these super-stylish, flattering clothes with comfortable fabrics and trendy designs. If you aren’t familiar with Moody Mamas, take a look at their website to see… [read more]

Flower Bouquets for New Moms and Moms-to-Be


You may remember back in 2007, we reviewed a line of beautiful, stylish crib and nursery bedding from MiGi Style.   Now, for those looking for a stylish and memorable new mom flower bouquet, look no further than the brand new fresh flower line created by MiGi Style in conjunction with Teleflora Flowers. There are… [read more]

A Blessed Nest For Your Baby


Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, one of the trickiest aspects of feeding a baby is positioning.   With my two children, I had a well-known breastfeeding pillow, but it never seemed to get the baby in just the right position, especially during their first six months. So in addition to the breastfeeding pillow, I also… [read more]

My Registry – Sample Baby Registry

Sample Baby Registry

I was on bed rest with my first baby, and therefore had lots of time to research my perfect baby registry products. Of course, I still ended up with some things that were less than perfect. However, I was pretty pleased with most products and went on to use the majority of them for my… [read more]

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