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Wordless Wednesday


We’ve all had days like this……

Suddenly I See…


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by UNITY digital lenses. All opinions are my own. Like most moms, I had a crazy-busy holiday season. Between buying presents, baking, selling Origami Owl, writing my gift guide, and preparing my holiday blog posts, I was totally exhausted by the time Christmas Eve rolled around. During Christmas… [read more]

JOMO, FOMO, and Turning 40


Last Wednesday, with little fanfare on this blog, I turned 40. Besides my quick transition into reading glasses last week (the joy of aging!), I really didn’t feel any different physically. The truth is, very little changes from one day to the next, even if it’s a birthday. Mentally, things have changed quite a bit… [read more]

2014 Resolutions and Reminders

2014 resolutions

When I sat down to do my 2014 resolutions, I realized that many from last year are still completely valid. For me, resolutions aren’t so much changes to my current life but rather are reminders of how I want to live my life. I’ve printed this graphic out, laminated it, and placed it in my… [read more]

Sharpening the Saw

Sharpen the Saw

I try to live by Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, because I really believe in them. I re-read the book every year or so, making notes and reminding myself exactly how I can implement them within my current responsibilities. I think I need to re-read the book. For those of you who… [read more]

Back to School – Back to Blogging

Back to School

Oh hi. Remember me? I posted a bunch of giveaways here over the last few weeks and pretty much nothing else? Well, it was a very quick summer. We traveled a lot. We spent days at our local pool, and my son, who had resisted swimming for years, finally can swim! We went to the… [read more]

Saying Goodbye to Socks


When I signed the purchase & sale agreement for my first home back in 2001, I was most excited to finally be in my own place so that I could get a cat. The condo we owned before the house didn’t allow pets, and after having a cat I loved when I was a child,… [read more]

One Year After Accutane

One Year After Accutane

See that picture of me with a dolphin at Discovery Cove? A year and a half ago, I wouldn’t have bought the picture. In fact, I may not have even gotten in the water, knowing that my makeup and concealer would have washed off. The cystic acne I was suffering from came on rather quickly.… [read more]

Happy 7th Birthday to My Boy

me and my boy

My little guy turned 7 yesterday. I don’t know where the time went – I feel like I was pregnant with him yesterday. He’s a shy guy, and has a few great friends instead of a lot of acquaintances. He also has this birthday right at the start of the summer, when a lot of… [read more]

Food Allergies and Birthday Parties

Food Allergies at Birthday Parties

I’ve written before about my daughter’s food allergies.  It gets easier as she gets older, but it also gets harder.  She understands her allergies and can communicate them, but she’s also a lot more active.  There are playdates, parties, and even (gulp) sleepovers, and I need to make sure that she’s safe – regardless of… [read more]

Why I’m So Disappointed in Yahoo!’s Latest News

working from home

After a miscarriage, a high-risk pregnancy, seven weeks of bed rest, a premature baby, and four months of maternity leave, I was back to work at my corporate finance job at a big name Boston financial services firm.  It was January, and I’d been gone since July, but somehow I managed to get an even… [read more]

Surviving the Nemo Blizzard in Boston

nemo blizzard photos

I live about 15 miles west of Boston, and so we were hit pretty hard by the “Nemo” blizzard.  I can’t complain much after last year’s mild winter, although I really don’t like snow.  We got about 2 feet or so, and after the plowing and shoveling was done, there are drifts of up to… [read more]

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