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What is Unemployment Insurance?

unemployment insurance

For me, insurance is something I choose to purchase when I’m at risk of having financial issues. As a former finance professional, I know all too well the risk of unemployment. It can be devastating for families, especially when it’s unexpected. State unemployment is usually available, but rarely covers enough of your income to really… [read more]

Save $1,378 This Year – Reverse Financial Challenge

Reverse Challenge

Is one of your financial resolutions for 2014 to increase your savings this year? This reverse financial challenge is a great way to save $1,378 this year. Here’s how it works. Print out the PDF below and insert it in your planner or household binder. Each week – choose a specific day – add the… [read more]

2014 Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Financial New Year's Resolutions

It’s the new year, time to revisit your financial habits, make new goals, and start anew! It’s a great opportunity to create a brand new budget, reorganize, and gain control! Here are some financial New Year’s resolutions to follow for 2014. Update Your Budget: Review your budget. It’s best if you compare your actual expenses… [read more]

Twitter Chat – Holiday Savings With Your Smartphone

Holiday Savings With Smartphone

Disclosure: I’m being sponsored for my participation and promotion of this Twitter chat. I never go anywhere without my smartphone. Of course, I like to be accessible to friends and family, but I also love using apps in my daily life. I’ve got so many loaded up on my phone, and use them to check… [read more]

The One Financial Tool Every Family Should Use

balance sheet

When I got out of graduate school many years ago, I left with what I considered significant debt. Between credit cards and student loans, the thought of paying all of that money back was incredibly overwhelming. I created a methodical plan for paying it all off, and made my own suite of financial spreadsheets to… [read more]

Financial Tips for Families

Financial Tips for Families

Managing a family schedule, preparing meals, and caring for your children is already challenging, but add in family finances and it can be overwhelming to even think about. Ignoring your finances doesn’t improve them though so it’s important to face those challenges head on! Over the years, we’ve posted some great financial tips for families… [read more]

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Fraud

Prevent Identity Theft Fraud

Imagine that you’ve bought a new car. You’re excited about your purchase, and more than happy to pose in front of your new car, shaking the hand of the salesperson.  The dealership puts your photo, your name, the make of the car, and the name of the dealer on their Facebook page, congratulating them on… [read more]

5 Things to Do For Your Family Finances in February

5 Things to Do for Your Family Finances in February

January is almost over, and if you are like many families, you are looking back at your New Year’s Resolutions to see how you are doing.  If you didn’t succeed at meeting your resolutions – don’t despair.  February is a new month, and you still have lots of time to get on the right track.… [read more]

Saving for College With Wells Fargo #WFCommunity #spon

Two years ago, my husband and I hit a huge milestone.  We finally paid off our student loans. I went to an expensive 4-year private college, and my husband did too.  Then, we both went to business school for two years.  The bills added up, and it was a lot of work to pay them… [read more]

Wrap-Up – Bluebird by American Express Review Series

Bluebird American Express

I’ve spent the last few weeks using and reviewing Bluebird by American Express, the prepaid card that can be used like a credit card wherever American Express cards are accepted, and can also be used to pay bills online.  But it’s more than a prepaid card, because Bluebird also offers roadside assistance facilitation and purchase… [read more]

How to Save on Heating Bills

save on heating bills

Here in New England, there’s snow on the ground and frost in the air.  One of my biggest family budget concerns in the winter is our heating bill – while I always want to make sure your house is warm and comfortable, I also want to cut costs and make sure we don’t spend too… [read more]

Using Bluebird by American Express for Everyday Expenses

Bluebird American Express

In my series about Bluebird by American Express, I’ve written about how it is great for budgeting for the holidays, how it works great for travel expenses, and how you can track your expenses with the online site and the iPhone app.  But how does Bluebird by American Express work for everyday expenses? Bluebird definitely… [read more]

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