Fame Is Fleeting

A few weeks ago, as part of the cultural arts program at my kids’ elementary school, the kids got to watch an a cappella group perform. My daughter, along with a group of girls in her class, were inspired to form their own singing group, calling themselves the Sensational Seven (a number that changed daily, depending upon the whims of the girls involved).  Two weeks ago, when the Patriots were just getting started in the playoffs, the girls rewrote the lyrics of the chorus to Call Me Maybe – changing it to Call Tom Brady.

The Patriots are a big deal in my daughter’s class, and the kids often wear their jerseys on Fridays to show team spirit.  Once the Patriots won that first playoff game, their teacher challenged them to rewrite the whole song.  They worked at home, during recess, at lunch, and during choice time.  It was so cute to see the kids clutching their lyrics sheets after school on the playground, trying out different lyrics.  The boys helped, although they didn’t want to sing.  Before the big game, they recorded the song, chose photos for a video, and put the whole thing together.  Their teacher uploaded it to YouTube and tweeted it out.

By Friday, Boston.com and Fox 25 Boston had written about the song and video.  My daughter was so excited.  Then, on Saturday, as we were getting ready to sell Girl Scout cookies at our local grocery store, we got a note from her teacher.  Fox 25 Boston wanted to come film the girls singing the song.  Since it was a holiday weekend, we were only able to get 4 of the girls together, and one of the moms volunteered her home.  By the time we arrived at the house, another station was scheduled to record them also.

Yes, of course I threatened to act like Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie (“Back to you, Chet.”) – much to my daughter’s horror.  The girls were so excited, and it was fun to see their enthusiasm as they recorded both segments.  If the Patriots won, we were told that the stations wanted to record them at school – all the more reason to cheer for the Pats.

But the Pats lost, the season is over, and the song is now irrelevant.  Fame is fleeting, but my daughter had a great time this past week!

Here’s one of the segments:


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