Family Friendly Food

Family Friendly Food

Family Friendly FoodFood is one of the Achilles heels of my life.   My kids won’t eat the healthy family friendly food I buy for them. They want junk food, even though we’ve pretty much only introduced healthy food to them.

They see junk food on TV, with their friends, and at the store.  It’s also a personal issue for me – I am desperately trying to take off the weight I’ve put on over the past few years and it’s a love/hate situation for me.  But, as I try to find the right balance for all of us, I write about everything here in the family friendly food category on my Mom’s Favorite Stuff.

Family Dinner Ideas

Families today struggle to find family friendly food that is convenient, easy to serve, delicious, and healthy.  We work hard to bring you great ideas for a quick and easy family dinner – including things like the Flatout Flatbreads we reviewed for fall.  Foods that are fun for kids to help prepare are best. We enjoy working on reviews of food the whole family can enjoy.

A few years ago, I had the chance to participate in a great campaign with the US Potato Board. Each month for three months I’d receive a secret box with a new theme, and I had to create a recipe and a video featuring potatoes.  It was one of the most fun campaigns I’d worked on, and you can still see all of the videos online.

I also have worked extensively with ConAgra foods, consulting on their new website The Dish. I was also working with the Supermarket Guru Phil Lampert on a series of videos about better grocery shopping.  At the end of the campaign, Phil took my son and me grocery shopping, and we learned so much about grocery shopping with kids.

Kids Food Ideas

Before I had kids, I had no idea how much children snack!  My kids bring a snack to school for mid-morning, and also have a snack with their lunch.  Then, when I pick them up from school they are already starving again, and often have a snack after dinner too.  That’s an awful lot of snacks to have in the house each week, and it can be difficult to find healthy snacks that my kids like.  One of our favorites is ZBars. My son just can’t get enough of them.  I also love KIND Bars.

My daughter has a tree nut allergy, so she can’t have them, but the rest of us love them.  Fresh fruit is always a big hit in our house too, and my daughter especially loves Whole Foods Frozen Mangoes.  We buy several bags a week and they still never last the week.

Family Baking

I’m not a baker, in fact, I’ve showcased more baking fails on this site than successes.  But, a few years ago, I decided to take a cake decorating class, and be more proactive about learning how to bake.

While I still rely on my friend Main Street Mommy to tell me whether a recipe will work out or not, I am definitely taking more risks.  I usually post about my attempts here, and I’m getting better each time I try.

Family Friendly Restaurants

I know that sometimes it can be easier and more convenient to visit a family friendly restaurant than it is to cook at home.  So, from time to time, we showcase a great family restaurant that offers healthy kids’ options and a kid-friendly environment.  While I sometimes review Boston-area restaurants, like Anna’s Taqueria and Jerry Remy Grill, we also do some reviews of family-friendly chains, like Maggiano’s Little Italy and PF Changs.