Finding My Niche

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogging niche lately.   It started a few months ago, when a friend of mine asked what I was doing with a personal blog, a review blog, a finance blog, and a Boston blog.   And, I couldn’t answer her.   I love writing on these multiple topics and constantly struggle with how to combine them into one cohesive “niche”.   So, I just keep starting new blogs.

Then, I read Jennifer James’ great article about how to flip your blog into a business, and I’m back to thinking about it.   I love personal finance, and love writing about it, but can’t find a good place for those articles without The Full Piggy.   But as I think more and more about my writing passion?   It’s truly travel blogging, which I do here, on Mom’s Favorite Stuff, and on Traveling Mom and

I have a LOT of flight time in the next few weeks as I head to Silicon Valley for the Yahoo! Mother Board Summit and to Hawaii for the Aulani preview, so I’ll be thinking about these topics – any opinions?   I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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    So funny. I was just in an all day meeting with Jennifer and a few other really smart ladies when I figured out the niche for my soon-to-be-born blog.

    It was like a bolt out of the sky. If you feel that surge, then that’s the thing. Your remember, I know a bit about passions and monetizing them. . .

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