Gentle Hand Sanitizer from Mother’s Therapy Organics

Gentle Hand Santitizer

Disclosure: I’m working as a social media consultant for Mother’s Therapy Organics. All opinions of the product are my own. I made sure that I loved the product before working with them.

My family goes through a lot of hand sanitizer. My daughter has food allergies, so I’m sensitive to the fact that kids need to wash their hands both before and after eating. But while hand sanitizers are certainly effective (a fact that was confirmed to be by watching the travel-themed episode of ABC’s The Lookout), they can be harsh on the skin, especially when used frequently in the cold months. During the winter when my daughter was in kindergarten, her hands were rough and scaly from all of the sanitizer they were using, and she actually had to sleep with lotion and gloves on to counteract it. So, when I was initially approached to work with Mother’s Therapy Organics, a family-owned small business that sells a gentle hand sanitizer, I was eager to try it out.

Mother’s Therapy Organics’ hand sanitizer does use a natural alcohol (62%), but also includes moisturizing products such as organic aloe, lavender, organic echinacea, and organic goldenseal. It’s got a fresh, clean cucumber scent, and does appear to be much more gentle on the hands. It comes in the convenient package pictured above – perfect to clip on to your diaper bag or purse for on-the-go sanitizing.

Mother’s Therapy Organics also offers a larger size sanitizer for home as well as a Germ-fight’n Hand lotion, which works well along-side the sanitizer. With back to school coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to stock up on hand sanitizer. I make sure that I always have a small bottle in my purse – especially when chaperoning field trips!

Right now, Mother’s Therapy Organics products are available exclusively through You can visit their website to learn more about the company and the products, and then visit to purchase.


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