Gourmet Caramel and Chocolate Apples

I’m a sucker for high-quality treats, and so when I got a small Mrs. Prindable’s apple from Kim Moldofsky’s Mom Impact at the Mom 2.0 Summit, it was a stretch for me to actually avoid eating it until returning home so that I could share it with my family.   Although it was the smaller size, it was still large enough for the four of us to share.

Then, several weeks ago, I received another Mrs. Prindable’s – this time, the larger size.   Now, I’m completely hooked.   The delicious chocolate combined with caramel, on top of the crunchy apple, is SO good.   We slice the apple into about eight pieces, and were able to eat it as a small dessert for two separate nights.   I was initially concerned that the shipping process would take away from the freshness of the apple, but it really didn’t.   It arrived in perfect shape!

To learn more about Mrs. Prindable’s, visit their Web site.

Disclosure: I received two apples at no cost for review.

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