Help for Morning Sickness or an Upset Stomach

Queasy DropsWhen I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t have full on morning sickness – instead I just had an overall upset stomach constantly.   A local store stocked Preggie Pops, which really seemed to help me.   They took the edge off, and made me feel a lot better.   Preggie Pops has recently introduced some new products, which I think our readers will really enjoy!

First up is the Preggie Pop Drops.   I loved these with my second pregnant because they are easier to carry, and not as obvious as the lollipops (during my first pregnancy, my coworkers did wonder where my new lollipop habit had come from!).   For moms to be looking for organic products, the new Organic Preggie Pop Drops have the same great flavor, but are made from organic ingredients.   Finally, my personal favorite is the Queasy Pop Drops.   Made for times when you are nauseous, but not necessarily pregnant, they are perfect for car or motion sickness.   They are also available in a formulation for children!

Start out  purchasing  a variety pack, and then if you have a favorite flavor, you can go to and buy a pack of one flavor.