Hopping on the Bunny Trail

Easter is one of those holidays that seems to sneak up on me, probably because it changes dates every year.   Since I was traveling to Blissdom on Good Friday, that usual reminder seemed to just pass me by.   (As you can probably guess, I’m not particularly religious, otherwise there’s no way this holiday would sneak up on me).

As a child, we always seemed to be traveling on family vacations over Easter weekend.   I was always concerned that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t be able to find my sister and me on the road, but of course, he always did.   I even remember one particular holiday weekend when the Easter Bunny somehow managed to sneak on to an Amtrak train headed to Florida, “break-in” to our tiny sleeper car, and deposit those brightly colored baskets on the end on the Murphy beds.   Kudos to my parents for that little trick.

At Blissdom this past year, I was introduced to Hershey’s Bunny Trail – a fun Easter promotion for this year.   By visiting the Hershey’s Bunny Trail, you can find Easter tips, stories, and memories.   I also had the chance to put together my own Easter basket, which will be arriving any day now. Otherwise, this post is not sponsored.

What are your Easter memories?

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