How We Ended Christmas Eve in the ER

When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was the big holiday for us.  My parents always had a huge party, and both sets of grandparents would come over.  We’d get all of our presents at that time, so after we saw our Santa gifts on Christmas morning, the holiday was pretty much over.  When I got married, we continued the tradition of going to my parents’ on Christmas Eve, and then celebrated Christmas with my in-laws.  The Christmas Eve party has gotten much more exciting again, as my sister and I both have our own children.  The kids all love playing together, and Christmas is so much better when celebrated with close family.

Christmas eve after

My daughter was especially excited.

After a few hours at the party (it started late morning), the kids all had their coats on and wanted to play outside.  I usually don’t let the kids out unsupervised, but with so many people around, I mistakenly thought someone else was with them.  So, when I went outside to bring the dog for a walk, and saw my daughter crying after a fall, I was surprised.  I called her over to get a hug, and when she stepped away, we got had blood on us.  So after a quick triage by my sister and mom in the light of the house, my husband and I were off to the ER with her, on Christmas Eve.

We waited over 4 hours (while the party still went on).  The result?  Two staples and thankfully no concussion.  It wasn’t the best way to spend Christmas Eve, but it could have been a LOT worse.

Christmas Eve After

Always with a smile on her face


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