Kids’ Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Kids’ stocking stuffers aren’t always the easiest to buy – small items are sometimes a waste of money, or are too expensive to just throw in a stocking.  Here are four items that I like for both boys and girls – they are a nice size/price ratio and are toys kids will really want.

Micro chargers kids' stocking stuffersMicro Chargers Launcher Pack

I first saw these at the Sweet Suite at BlogHer 2012, and I knew my son would love them.  The launcher pack includes a car and a charger – simply add 3 AAA batteries.  Once charged, the cars can zip around the separately sold tracks.  Since everyone in my family is looking for ideas of items to get my son, this is a nice set to get him started with.

Gelarti Scene Pack - kids' stocking stuffersGelarti Scene Pack

My daughter is difficult to buy for – as a tween, she’s too old for most toys but too young for teen gifts.  But, one of the things she loves is arts and crafts, so I knew she’d love the Gelarti Scene Packs (available in Nature, Mermaids, Butterflies, Funky Fun and more).  With Gelarti, she can paint her own stickers, let them dry, and then use them in her room, on her notebooks, etc.

Blingles Theme Pack - kids' stocking stuffersBlingles Theme Pack

Blingles are another great tween gift.  With these theme pack sets, your daughter can create her own “blinged” out stickers.  Again, these are great for notebooks, room decor, etc.  The theme packs are available of themes including shimmering candy, sparkling princess, and more.  These are also great toys to have on hand during playdates


Trash Pack - Kids' stocking stuffers The Trash Pack Wheelie Bin

My son loves trashies, and so this wheelie bin is perfect for him.  It includes a playset and two exclusive trashies.  It’s something he really enjoys collecting, so I’m always happy to keep adding to his collection.

Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of these products and the links are affiliate links.


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    I love finding good stocking stuffers but they are the hardest to come by. Legos has mini-packs you can buy. Also, key chain flashlights are fun (depending on how old the kid is). You have to love the blinged out stickers. Why didn’t they have that when I was growing up?

  2. says

    Great ideas. I’m looking for some creative stocking stuffer ideas for a 2-3 year old (girl). If anyone has any suggestions I would really, really love to hear them. Running out of time:( Thank you!

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