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Lawry’s Recipe Challenge and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, several Boston area mom bloggers and I were challenged to develop a few recipes using Lawry’s Seasonings and Marinades.   Our specific task was to make a meal that would be great for large groups.   We all gathered in my kitchen (which was about 95 degrees thanks to a major heat wave) and put together a fabulous meal for all of us.   And, lucky me – because I hosted, I got to have all of the yummy leftovers.

Karen and I choose to work together on the pasta salad, and we set out to make a healthy, tasty dish.   Our Savory Whole Grain Pasta Salad rocked – although the other items cooked up by our team were completely delicious too.   Here’s our recipe – you can easily double or triple it if you are cooking for a large group.   I think it would be great for a block party or potluck meal.

  • 1/2 box of whole grain penne pasta
  • 1/2 box of whole grain rotini pasta
  • 4 to 6 whole white mushrooms, cleaned
  • 1 small red pepper
  • 1 small green pepper
  • 4oz fresh Mozzarella cubed
  • Small (2.25oz) can of sliced black olives
  • 5 or more bacon slices, cooked (optional, but totally delicious!)
  • 13 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 Tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 4 tsp mustard powder

To prepare:

Boil pasta according to package instructions.  Rinse thoroughly in cold water and drain well. Wash peppers and mushrooms. Chop peppers, mushrooms, and previously cooked bacon into small bite size pieces.   In a large pasta or salad serving bowl, combine the cooked pasta, cubed Mozzarella cheese, peppers, mushrooms, and bacon.   Drain olives.  Then add to contents of serving bowl. Combine all the ingredients for the dressing (olive oil, Lawry’s seasonings, mustard powder, and red wine vinegar) and mix – add additional ingredients based upon your personal preference. Pour the dressing over the contents of the bowl.  Toss until well blended.   Chill in refrigerator prior to serving.

We found that this could easily serve 12 people as a side dish!

The other recipes made by our team were equally as fabulous.   Kim, who can rock a grill like no one else I’ve ever seen, and Sarah made a tango rub with steak and chicken that was amazing.   Niri and Charlene made some incredible spicy veggie puffs that I couldn’t stop eating. Check out those links to see their recipes, and visit the Lawry’s Let’s Grill page or Facebook page for grilling tips (especially if you don’t have Kim to grill for you).

The food was great, but nothing is better than getting together with a group of friends to hang out, even if it is in a 95 degree kitchen :)

Win it: Try out our recipes with a prize pack of Lawry’s seasonings (includes  16oz Seasoned Salt, the Balsamic Herb Marinade, and the Seasoned Salt Marinade).   To enter, just let me know what your favorite dish is for a large group!   US Residents only.   Giveaway ends 8/20/11 at 11:59pm ET.

Disclosure: This is part of a campaign for  TheMotherhood on behalf of Lawry’s.   I received product samples, compensation for my time, and ingredients for our dishes.


  1. During the summer, there is a delicious cold spaghetti salad that
    I love to make for large crowd~ During the cooler months, I
    enjoy making a potato casserole…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. I like to make cheesy potatoes for a large group. It tastes so good and goes with anything.

  3. Gina Ferrell says:

    I love to make my famous spinach and artichoke dip for my large group at my family gatherings during parties, and holidays.

  4. i love to have a mommy special mexican chicken

  5. My family loves to grill steaks when we get together. It makes for an easy, great tasting time.

  6. For a large group I love to make pineapple-mango salsa. It is easy, and a crowd pleaser

  7. Lawry is great for grilling steaks.

  8. My favorite big dish meal to make is london broil!

  9. Elizabeth Clayton says:

    I am just beginning to learn how to cook, and this would be an amazing way to help start.

  10. Erica Heft says:

    My favorite go to dish for large groups is a cheesy pasta dish

  11. Troy Dobson says:

    We like to make burgers and hot dogs for large groups!

  12. Chicken on the grill is great for large groups. Instead of boring old barbeque sauce I like to use different Lawry’s, it gives your food some personality!

  13. Elizabeth K says:

    Baked Mac and Cheese for my big family or any large group :D

  14. My family’s favorite get together food are these little sandwiches we call Ham Sams. You use the small dinner rolls that come in an aluminum pan located in the bread aisle. Leave them together and cut them into two large pieces, then layer your favorite deli ham and cheese. The cheap stuff works good here. On the stove melt a stick of butter or margarine with about two tablespoons of yellow mustard (as little as 1 TBS. if you aren’t a mustard fan), a teaspoon of sugar and a small grated sweet onion. Let that simmer until butter is melted then pour half of the mixture inside the sandwich, put on the top and pour the remaining sauce on top. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and rolls are light brown.

  15. My favorite dish for a large group is hands down pasta salad. I love all the fresh veggies. Its always a hit with friends.

  16. Jennifer C says:

    I like to make jello fluff for large groups.

  17. Jillian Hogan says:

    Mac and cheese

  18. Definitely potato salad. One of my summer favorites!

  19. Kyle Smith says:

    Hamburgers and hotdogs!!!!!! Cookout style!!!

  20. Elizabeth R says:

    I love to make ambrosia salad for summer get togethers!!!

  21. loved the tasty food

  22. sounds good

  23. Mandi Marcotte says:

    I love to make stuffed burgers! And of course potato salad.

  24. MY favorite dish has to be mac and cheese!!!

  25. Sylvia Mallon says:

    My favorite dish for a large group is Lasagna! I could make a couple of big lasagnas and feed many people! It’s super easy to make and always tastes really good!

  26. kathy kolar says:

    When it is cold outside, I make a huge pot of smokin’ hot chili. In the heat, I make a yummy 5-bean salad with a sweet-sour marinade.

  27. Aeri Cooper says:

    Favorite dish for a large group is cheesy hashbrown potatoes…yummy!

  28. I got the recipe for a fantastic potato salad from a cook who used to work in the restaurant that I worked at in college….the first thing off everyone’s plate when serving large groups! :)

  29. Jack Shurack says:

    I make a lasagna greek style.

  30. lanette w says:


  31. Trinity Bordner says:

    My favorite dish (or dishes) to make for family and friendly get togethers are a veggie or fruit pizza! Yummy :-)

  32. Jacob Wheat says:

    I use the Herb and Garlic marinade for chicken and mixed it into a pasta with a alfredo sauce… Wow it was delicious and fed a large group!

  33. Margarita Zimmerman says:

    My family loves to BBQ when we get together. It’s usually steaks and hotdogs. My kids love me to make veggie paks. They usually have corn, potatoes, onions, and sometimes carrots.

  34. nikki lozano says:

    i luv making cucumber sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Kim Rendino says:

    I love to make a pasta salad with penne, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, tossed in some bottled Italian salad dressing. Yum!

  36. Daniele Pettit says:

    My favorite dish for a large group is a pasta salad with spiral pasta lots of fresh veggies and Mozzarella balls and add some italian dressing.

  37. I love having a huge thing of stir fry for family get togethers.

  38. Amanda Gibbs says:

    One of my favorite dishes during the summer would have to be my fish packets! It’s wonderful for if you go camping and catch a big fish! Just chop up your favorite veggies, put oil in the bottom of the foil to prevent sticking, and mix it all together! Cook it over the fire, or on the grill, or even in the oven! YUM!

  39. I love making carne asada on the grill for any crowd!

  40. my new favorite dish is chicken mirabella. Cooked chicken and spaghetti in a butter, garlic, chicken broth, sherry sauce. Add button mushrooms, banana peppers and tomato. Seaon with crushed red pepper, season salt, pepper, garlic and minced onion… spicy and amazing

  41. I love to make bbq chicken…nothing like it!

  42. patty lane says:

    Love using these, I enjoy cooking, relaxes me!

  43. Brown Gill says:

    I love to BBQ with my big family. We use Lawry seasonings to make ribs and chicken. My mom makes fresh veggies and homemade bread.

  44. Taylor Curry says:

    I love making the pasta salad for large groups! I always have the pre-game football parties at my house and the pasta salad is always a hit! Everyone always asks me for the recipe! The seasonings are GREAT!!

  45. Ashley Abney says:

    I love taco casseroles or casseroles that have everything in it so its easy to heat and serve in larger amounts!

  46. Melanie Vader says:

    Dry rubbed chicken wings and a BLT pasta salad!!! Yummy!

  47. Casey Varner says:

    I prefer a good homemade meat lasagna.

  48. i would have to say mac and cheese for every occasion and group size but everyone at my function would probably have to say my deviled eggs mmmmmm

  49. Connie Foster says:

    Love grilled chicken with Lawry Salt. So simple and so delicious.

  50. carol blankenship says:

    love seasonings makes everything better

  51. I love to make baked ziti & chef salad with fresh homeade watermelon iced tea… yum!

  52. I love simple and new ways with Lawry’s to make grilled chicken for my large faily. Makes it easy on mom!!

  53. Rebecca Graham says:

    For a large group, I make spaghetti.

  54. crystle tellerday says:

    a party pizza from big y supermarket

  55. One of my favorites in the winter time is oven baked beef stew. It so yummy and filling

  56. For large crowds I like to make crockpot sausage and meatballs in tomato sauce. Delish! Thanks.

  57. Nicole C. says:

    Chicken & Dressing

  58. I love making some delicious potato salad :D

  59. Cassaendra says:

    My favorite food to make for a large group is sloppy joes. Ive been told I make the best sloppy joes ever. I just use manwich, hamburger meat, honey, bbq sauce, onions, green peppers, and a little pineapple juice. Kids love it because it’s sweet, and adults love that kids love it because it’s healthy.

  60. Denise B. says:

    I usually set out a large buffet with many varieties of food, but pasta dishes are the easiest and seem to be the favorites.

  61. Tacos are easy and you can get everyone helping with the chopping :) Make a party out of it!

  62. i have a big crowd!!(7 kids, hubby and me!!)spaghetti is always a good one,,taco salad..i always cook in bulk!!

  63. My favorite is a fruit salad using whatever fruit is in season at the time. Nothing is better than fresh cut fruit on a hot day!

  64. Karmen Mesch says:

    When I was in High School I won first place with my Lasagna recipe and when I have a large group to feed it is ALWAYS this recipe I go to. Spaghetti would be the second recipe I go to and fried chicken is the third go to dish (which I ALWAYS use Lawry’s to season my chicken with)!!!

  65. Susan Ladd says:

    My favorite dish is for grilling steaks. Thanks for the great sweep and hope to win :)

  66. Karen Williams says:

    This looks so good :)

  67. Linda Lansford says:

    We make ribs

  68. We love a big bowl of pasta with meatballs.

  69. Joey Fragodt says:

    You can’t beat a bunch of burgers on the grill for a great summer dinner!

  70. Rita Barkley says:

    There isn’t anything better than baked meatballs in homemade sauce made with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt….:)

  71. Jessica T. says:

    I like to make a breakfast casserole for a large group.

  72. Christine says:

    My favorite dish for a large group is lasagna

  73. I love making baked mac and cheese or a bunch of finger foods.

  74. For large groups we deep fry a whole turkey marinated with Lowrys seasoning.

  75. For a large group its two london broils marinaded with Montreal Steak seasoning.

  76. Favorite dish for a large group is a variety of casseroles.

  77. Allison Downes says:

    I Like to make either Ribs or potatoe salad

    Allison Downes

  78. Favorite dish for a large group is spaghetti

  79. I love making baked ziti for guests

  80. I make mostaccioli for large groups

  81. robyn paris says:

    our family likes grilled chicken or steak cut up in a salad. It is the best.

  82. Jason Nickolay says:

    I love to grill large batches of Chicken Drum Sticks for big groups! I love Lawry’s Thanks for the chance


  83. amy deeter says:

    pasta salad

  84. My favorite dish for a crowd is Parmesan Breaded Chicken Nuggets. They are always a hit!

  85. I love to make lasagna for a large group.

  86. I like to do Sloppy Joes for a large group!

  87. Helene E. says:

    My entire Family loves to have Rib Boned Steak on the BBQ seasoned with Lawry’s Season Salt. We have been addicted to it ever since my Mom was broiling Steaks with Season Salt for us when we were little kids.

  88. I either like Pizza or if I’m having people over for a backyard barbeque we always make hamburgers.

  89. Margaret Jordan says:

    Any casserole with lots and lots of condensed cream of mushroom soup is always a fav!

  90. burgers are great for lots of people

  91. Kristen m says:

    My favorite dish for a large group is a huge platter of caprese salad and a loaf of bread.
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  92. My favorite dish for a crowd is potato salad.

  93. bbq pork most definitely.

  94. Bill Rowland says:

    Using Lawry’s take the quesswork out of seasoning. Either chicken or steak, I don’t have to be a chef to make a great meal.

  95. We love to bbq in the summer and try different types of marinades ans seasonings!!

  96. Bonnigene says:

    I like to make my red potato salad if the gathering isn’t somewhere hot or I will make cool cucumber salad if gathering is someplace warm

  97. love to make mex casserole !!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. sounds really yummy! gonna deff try it!!

  99. Diane Baum says:

    For a large summer group i make a pasta salad

  100. We love to BBQ burgers and hotdogs

  101. Michelle Cain says:

    I love hoagie dips and this taco-dish that my husband and I make (It can feed up to 30 people). We pass out soft corn tortillas and they top the taco-filling with baby spinach, cheese, sour cream, etc!

  102. enjoy making shish kabobs for a crowd thaks

  103. Kat Emerick says:

    We are big making cold pasta salad that has 3 -4 different kinds of pasta.

  104. Jennifer J says:

    I like to make swedish meatballs for a large group.

  105. Wendy McBride says:

    My favorite recipe to make for a large group is Jo Mama’s World Famous spaghetti with salad and garlic bread!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  106. my favorite thing to cook is prime rib seared on grill with lawry’s as a rub

  107. Stacey Staack says:

    For a larger crowd, I prefer to make hamburgers and flavor with Lawry’s. Real easy, just ground beef, onions, eggs, and bread pieces.

  108. Shish kabobs are great for large crowds. We put all the fixings out. Then, everyone can make and grill their own kabobs.

  109. Jennifer R says:

    My favorite dish for a large group is teriyaki chicken. reejen at comcast dot net

  110. Love the seasoning when I am grilling burgers

  111. I love to make Lasagna for a large group.

  112. My favorite dish for a large group of people is lasagna!

  113. barbara hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

  114. Thanks for the giveaway…for a large group we make beef & chicken fajitas !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

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