Learning About Using Resources Wisely

I’m one of three Daisy leaders for my daughter’s Girl Scout’s troop, and this past week, we earned our “Using Resources Wisely” petal.   If you know me, you are probably not surprised to hear that we earned it learning about saving money.

Our girls are aged 5 & 6, so we needed a relatively easy lesson.   I started out talking and brainstorming with them:

  • Understanding that things cost money
    • Ask girls about buying things, how to pay for things
  • Identifying money ““ dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies
    • Show coloring sheets and see who can identify money
  • Being responsible for money
    • Save money
    • Put it somewhere safe to make sure you don’t lose it
  • When do you get money?
    • Allowances (earning money)
    • Gifts

I printed coloring sheets showing pictures of coins and dollars.   We also painted adorable little piggy banks.   I think they got the lesson – they certainly had fun!


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