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Little Laureate educational DVDsThis cold, nasty weather has meant, unfortunately, more inside time for my little ones.   They watch DVDs more in the winter, and we have tried to keep most of the DVD content educational and fun.   When these three new DVD gift sets arrived from Little Laureate, we were excited to check them out to see if they would be good in our DVD “rotation”.

Little Laureate DVD sets,  are available in three titles – My World Gallery, My World Adventure, and My World Colors.   Each set contains a 30 minute DVD, a  60 minute CD  (including primarily classical  music), and a 24 page parent booklet.   The result is a multi-media blitz of music, art, languages, culture, and much, much more.   The content of each DVD is truly amazing.   Each DVD features a star, named simply “Star”, who guides your child on this wonderful adventure.   All three titles are fantastic, and while my daughter prefers “My World Colors” because it features different languages and Star’s sister – Starla, I prefer “My World Adventure” for all of the scenery.

Now, I’ll be honest – while I don’t always love kid DVDs, I’m often stuck watching them.   Gone are the days of me being able to watch my own shows.   So, I definitely appreciate when a DVD includes a little something for moms and dads.   Little Laureate DVDs include a bonus feature called “The Crawl”.   The Crawl can be played at the bottom of the screen while the DVD plays, and includes humorous, inspiring comments especially for parents.   So, while my daughter watches the DVD, I read the bottom of the screen and am equally as captivated!   I also just love the content of the DVDs – the artwork and footage is breathtaking and fun to watch, and my daughter loves them also – often asking to watch “Star”.

As a side note –  if you were a fan of  the TV Reality Show “The Rebel Billionaire – Branson’s Quest for the Best” (I was addicted to that show), you may remember Heather MacLean, the founder of Little Laureate, as one of  the top 4 finalists.

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