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Mom Beauty and Fashion

Beauty has always been my passion, even before I became a mom.  Although I was a late bloomer when it came to beauty and fashion (my interest started when I graduated from college), most of my discretionary income in my 20s went to beauty and fashion (especially accessories).  A trip to Sephora or Nordstrom generally makes me happy, and I love sharing what I know with other moms who want to look and feel great. Make sure to check out Mom Beauty and Fashion!


Mom Beauty and Mom Fashion

Mom Beauty

Mom beauty

Makeup For Ever – One of my favorite lines

While I do think that you can get great deals on mom beauty products at drugstores and mass merchandise stores, I generally shop at specialized makeup stores (like Ulta, Bare Essentials Boutique, or Sephora) or department stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom for cosmetics.  I like being able to try makeup before I buy, and I’ve also found that cheaper products often don’t have the same pigmentation as their more expensive counterparts.  But I love lots of drugstore brands for other mom beauty products – like hair products and skincare products.  I’m currently an Aveeno ambassador, and use Aveeno sunscreen, skincare, and shampoo regularly.

As a mom, I want beauty products that make me look awake, bright, and put together – not overly made up.  For years, when I was suffering from a lack of sleep when my children were young, I passed on wearing mascara.  On tired eyes, it flakes and ages you – not a good look for a tired mom.  At a minimum, I think mom needs a few items in her makeup arsenal – an easy-to-apply eyeliner (no pencil), a perfect foundation (you’ll usually need several different shades/consistencies for the different seasons), an all-over concealer (for breakouts and dark circles under the eyes), a light blush or bronzer, a mascara, a lipgloss, and a powder to set everything.  Of course, you’ll probably want eye shadows and other items, but that list is really what I consider the minimums.  These days, I’m obsessed with nail polish, and almost exclusively use Julep brand nail polishes.  I also recommend that mom beauty starts with well-groomed eyebrows, and I have a video with tips on how to groom eyebrows at home.

Here are some of my favorite beauty posts and tips:

Review of Red Ginger Beauty Products – I absolutely love these products, which are great quality and are excellent – especially the makeup brushes which are as good as the higher-priced competition.

How to Apply Eyeliner – I know that eyeliner isn’t the easiest to apply, but with the tips shown in this video, you should master a technique in no time at all.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Review – this guest post from Kate is one of our most popular posts of all time.

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I always recommend that you get your foundation matched by a beauty adviser (at Sephora or a department store) and that you apply your eye makeup first, so if anything flakes, you can clean up your cheeks without worrying about washing off your foundation and blush.

A few years ago, I developed serious cystic adult acne.  I tried Duac gel, Retin A, antibiotics, and dietary changes with no luck at all.  In January of this year, I started a course of Accutane.  It was a tough decision to make, and during the second month of Accutane, I almost gave up.  My Accutane Month 2 post is one of the most popular Accutane posts online – I guess a lot of people have the same problem.  By month three of Accutane, I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I had my liver enzyme numbers come back high in the fourth month, and had to temporarily stop treatment, and in month 5, my doctor asked me to go vegan to control my cholesterol.  I finished after 5 1/2 month and am so thrilled with the decision.  You can see my final Accutane results in this video.  Clearing my acne changed my confidence and made me so much happier!

Mom Fashion

mom fashion

One of my favorite necklaces – from Brighton Collectibles

I’m not a fashion expert and will never claim to be one.  But I always like to look put together, and enjoy sharing my finds with readers here.  My view on fashion is that it should make you feel good about yourself and outwardly project the image you want to show to the world.  Sometimes, accessories make the outfit, so I love to have a few great accessories in my wardrobe – include necklaces, scarves, and handbags (lots of handbags).  I’m short and have tiny feet, so my mom fashion tips generally focus on clothing that would work for a body type like mine.

Every season, I try to post some of my favorite mom fashion trends in addition to product reviews.  I also annually trendspot the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I shop – a lot – and always look for current seasonal trends in both fashion and beauty.  One of my most popular fashion posts is about nautical fashion.

You can read my mom beauty and fashion posts all here.