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Here at Mom’s Favorite Stuff, we focus on everything that makes mom’s life easier, including product reviews.  Our reviews are divided into categories by product type – like mom beauty, family-friendly foods, and technology, as well as by age – all moms, moms to be, moms of babies, moms of little kids, and moms of older kids.

When I started Mom’s Favorite Stuff back in 2007, I had a 2 year old and a 6-month old baby.  I was completely overwhelmed by the choices in baby products, and the complete lack of great baby product reviews.  New products are always being introduced, and I found that there already were loads of new products introduced even after my oldest was born.  I did all of the research, and created this website to share my knowledge with others.

You’ll find that our mom reviews now are more focused on older children – elementary-school aged and tweens.  Many of our reviews are also appropriate for all moms.  In addition, you’ll find some personal posts here.  I closed my personal Boston Mom blog last year, and my Boston With Kids blog back in June – most of those posts have been migrated here.

In the Mom Reviews category, you’ll find the following breakdowns:

Moms To Be Reviews

I was never actually pregnant while blogging here, so most of our mom to be reviews were written by several contributors that we’ve had over the years.  I’ve had some moms email me because they wanted to see more reviews in this category, but it’s just not something I can authentically write about these days.    Occasionally, we’ll be able to offer a great giveaway for pregnant moms or moms of babies, but it’s a rarity.  But, if you are a mom to be, don’t despair, you’ll still love our reviews for all moms (including some great mom jewelry that any new mom would love to have).

Locket by Julian and Co

Locket by Julian & Co

Moms of Babies Reviews

If you followed this blog back in 2007, almost all of the content was for moms of babies.  Of course, as my children have gotten older, my ability to post honest and genuine reviews of baby products has changed.  When I do post baby product reviews now, it’s more from the perspective of someone buying a baby shower present.

Moms of Little Kids Reviews

Our little kid product reviews are generally focused on kids aged 2-6 – pretty much toddlerhood into the early elementary school ages.  I especially enjoy writing about toys and clothes for this age.  As a Totsy mom committee member, I often have the opportunity to see and review products that are available at a huge discount (but for a limited time).  My son is just getting out of this age, however, so I’ll slowly be moving to more reviews of products for older kids.  Mom reviews in this category include kids’ technology (like the Leapster GS Explorer)

Moms of Older Kids Reviews

While you may think of teens when you hear older kids reviews, on Mom’s Favorite Stuff, older kids refer to children from age 6 to late tweens.  In this category, I generally focus on technology (including video games), kids’ crafts, school supplies, kids’ fashion, toys, and food.  I’ll occasionally review gear also, including this inflatable booster seat that comes in handy when traveling or carpooling.

All Mom Reviews

You’ll find that most of my mom reviews fall into the All Moms category, primarily because I’m either reviewing products especially for moms or products that work for moms with kids of all ages.  I love reviewing mom beauty products (I’m a total beauty junkie, and have been since I was 21), mom technology (hello Kindles, iPhones, Androids, tablets, computers, and televisions!), mom fashion, mom organization products, food and kitchen products, and family travel – basically anything that makes mom’s life easier.  Because I was posting so many travel reviews due to press trips from some of my freelance jobs, I started my new site

Here are some of my favorite reviews:

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CARES by Kids Fly Safe

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