Moms and Their Boys

I never imagined having a son.   I always thought I’d have two little girls, and when I miscarried a boy and then had a daughter, I figured I was meant to have two girls.

Then, when I was pregnant in 2006 with my second child, I sat in the ultrasound room with my husband when I found out that I was having a boy.   And honestly?   I didn’t know what in the world to do with a boy.   I have a sister and never grew up with little boys.   I was worried.

My little guy came out later that year and was the most perfect little baby ever.   I had a love for him that I couldn’t even imagine.   And, he was perfect, so very perfect.

To which everyone always replied, “Moms and Their Boys”.

Yes, I do have a special bond with that little man.   He’s four now, and while he’s independent and daddy-addicted, he’s still my little baby.   Is this “moms and their boys” thing true?   Why is that bond so strong?

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