Movies and TV Shows on the Go with FiOS Video On Demand

FiOS AmbassadorImagine this scenario – you’ve just purchased an On Demand movie when a child or spouse comes in and takes over the television – or something comes up and you need to shut off the movie.  Perhaps your child wakes up from a nap early.  How are you going to finish watching your movie?  If you have Verizon FiOS, you can use the My FiOS and Media Manager apps to bring up the movie – and watch it right from your tablet.

The FiOS Video on Demand feature allows you to purchase a FlexView movie on your set top box and then watch it on your iPad.  All you have to do is open the Media Manager app, login, and look in “My library” to see the movies you currently have available to watch.  This feature is also great for travel – I’m always looking for things to watch when I’m on the road.  Even when I’m home,  I find myself using my iPad more than my television for watching tv and movies – because it travels wherever I am so I can move around the house without having to turn on tv off and another one on.

Once you are logged in to the Media Manager app, you can also check out select content on premium channels (right now, the app is showing Encore and Starz for me), as well as download or stream free movies and tv shows.  I like the fact that it includes lots of kids movies, like Finding Nemo, which is great for entertaining kids on the go.

The Media Manager and My FiOs apps are free in the Apple app store – you just need to login with your Verizon FiOS user ID and password.  Learn more on the Verizon On Demand website.

Disclosure: I’m compensated as a FiOS ambassador and all opinions are 100% my own.

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