MyFiOS App from Verizon FiOS – Plus a Giveaway!

FiOS AmbassadorMom’s Favorite Stuff –  and the whole Grundig household – happily runs on Verizon FiOS, and has for the past two-plus years.  I’ll explain our whole transition over to FiOS in a future post, but I can say that I’m a very happy customer.  I watch a lot of television, and am always using our internet, so I need something fast, reliable, and trustworthy, as well as innovative.  When I was asked to be a FiOS ambassador, it was a total no brainer – I’ve already pretty much been a Verizon FiOS ambassador already.

One of the things I love about Verizon FiOS is the MyFiOS iPhone/iPad app, which I can use to control everything associated with FiOS.  A few months ago, when we traveled on vacation to the Sea Crest Beach Hotel, my husband realized that he forgot to program the DVR for a football game that he wanted to record.  We just opened up the MyFiOS app and were able to program the DVR right from our hotel room.  You can also see what’s in the recording queue, and delete anything that you no longer need on the DVR.

You can also use the MyFiOS app to view or pay your bill, see your purchases or rentals, view premium offerings from Encore and Starz, and more.  Learn more about the MyFiOS app online.

Win it!  Through my participation as a FiOS ambassador, I have an amazing giveway – an iPad 3 with Wi-Fi 16GB – for one Mom’s Favorite Stuff reader.  Enter via the Rafflecopter – giveaway ends 12:01am on 11/29/12.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I’m compensated as a FiOS ambassador and all opinions are my own.



  1. Mary Happymommy says

    My husband uses an iPad at work and he’s always raving about how great they are, so it would be amazing for me to win one!

    Google +– Mary F
    Youtube–Mary F

  2. says

    I would LOVE to win this because I have heard nothing but great things about the iPad and it would be nice to have something dependable to look up things and to take along with me when I am on the road. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway!


  3. says

    I have wanted an ipad forever but it is just no where near in our budget at the moment. I am so jealous of the awesome kids apps also!

  4. Denise M says

    i would love this because i travel for work alot and am tired of carrying an ereader, an ipod and a notebook for notes

  5. says

    I really want one b/c I’m always on the go and always need to be in communication with people! Emailing/browsing from my phone can be slow and tricky, but I don’t want to lug my laptop everywhere. Plus, this would be great to use when I attend media events and need to take notes.

  6. says

    I dont have the best phone so having another device on the go would be super helpful – esp because we also don’t have a car. To have information readily available would make life much easier!!

  7. Neil T says

    From the very first Apple iPad that came out I thought it was the most amazing gadget out and have wanted one dearly….I’d love to win your giveaway!

  8. Lisa Neely says

    I would love to win it to use with my son and to help teach my non-techy husband how to use a communication app with our non-verbal son. What a generous gift and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your Verizon FiOS ambassadorship 😉

  9. says

    Congratulations on yet another great affilitation. I think I should start calling you Ambassador Gundig! Love the giveaway! Just in time for Christmas!

  10. Lauren says

    I have wanted to get an iPad forever, but will never be able to afford one. What a great Christmas gift this would be for my family!

  11. Rachel A says

    So I could keep in touch with work emails and such while on the go…especially on vacation when I don’t want to lug my laptop with us.

  12. says

    With a 12 and 9 year old at home and only one computer in our home there are constant battles over the computer especially at homework time. This would end our struggles!

  13. amy says

    free iPad? yes, please! And I’ve had a cell phone since 1999 and have only ever used Verizon (was GTE before Verizon bought them)!

  14. mara zamora says

    I would LOVE to win because i’m a 20 year old single mommy of a 2 year old & one in heaven .I’m to broke to buy my daughter what she wants or needs .I’ve always wanted an Ipad to do school work & to get educational apps for my daughter :)

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed .

  15. Nataly Carbonell says

    Because the ipad 3 is like the coolest product right now and I’d love to try it and also try the Verizon service

  16. Dave L says

    Christmas is just around the corner and this would be an amazing gift for my sister and her family. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  17. Ann Fantom says

    Having an iPad would make it much easier to read my email when traveling without having to lug my laptop around.

  18. Cynthia C says

    I’d love to win so I could stay connected on the go. I don’t have a laptop and have been wanting something to supplement my desktop.

  19. Maggie says

    Ipads are a great (and apparently trendy) way to take notes in class. I sit behind a few friends that have them, and I’m always amazed by how much they are able to do while they’re listening to lectures. The option to include multimedia and flash cards and formulas and so much more while sitting in class? That would be such an incredible asset!

  20. says

    I’d love an iPad 3! I’ve been holding out for a long time and it would be amazing to replace my old Macbook with a new iPad. I’m a longtime “bundled” Verizon Fios customer and love it so much. Will never go back…

  21. says

    We’d love to win! We have wnted an ipad for forever and our daughter’s Occupational Therapist thinks it would be really beneficial for OT stuff! :)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  22. Suzanne K says

    I’ve been coveting an iPad forever and now I could use it on business trips so I wouldn’t have to take my laptop! Plus I want to play on it!

  23. says

    What a great giveaway prize! The only time I’ve seen an IPad up close is when I substitute teach in the DLP room at our Middle School. I can see why everyone loves them. My kids and I would LOVE to have one, but aside from winning one, it’ll be a while, LOL!

  24. Tabathia B says

    Because I would love an ipad to be able to use it online on the go and my older kids could use it for school also

  25. Stephanie V says

    always wanted an ipad – so has hubby and the kids. Would have been so useful while I was in isolation for my cancer treatments to stay in contact with my family. Still useful now.

  26. kim says

    I have wanted an ipad for so long and every time I am close to getting one the rug gets pulled out from under me I just saved enough swagbucks to get a Ipad 2 and my washer broke, my washer is more important so maybe I can win one!

  27. Alysia says

    I would love to win an iPad. I’ve started a non-profit gym for special needs kids, and we plan to have a homework room at the facility. An iPad helps so many children who have difficulty communicating verbally and we’d love to have an iPad accessible to all the children who come in.

  28. Kristi C says

    I would love this because I have been wanting an iPad for a long time. It would be great to take on vacations and to soccer practices.

  29. Sherri G. says

    An iPad is the perfect efficiency and organizing tool for busy working moms. Plus, I’ve wanted one for so, so long!

  30. Sarah Hirsch says

    i’d love this because the ipad is great for watching movies, browsing the web, checking email, and playing the many fun apps available!

  31. Christina Brundick says

    I’d love this for my son’s therapy for special education apps now tha itunes has set up a section for them

  32. Tryphena says

    I just recently became a stay-at-home mom and we are keeping our budget pretty tight. This giveaway would get me the iPad I have always wanted, without the cost!

  33. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I would love to win an Ipad. I know I would get so much use out of it, but just something I have never been able to afford. Looks so neat!

  34. christy mcneal says

    OMG PLEASE PICK ME :)! Who wouldn’t want an iPad! I want one because it’s so AWESOME! :) Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

  35. Yesenia says

    I have been wanting one for a long time for everyone in the family to use. There are great apps for the whole family.

  36. ginette4 says

    I would love this prize, I’ve been wanting one for such a long time, my family would be thrilled if I won it for us

  37. maribel says

    Hi would love to win this for my autistic son who will benefit alot from all the great apps they have for children with special needs.

  38. Danielle Porter says

    I am a freelance Sign Language Interpreter and keeping track of my invoices and contracts, and everything else on the go would be AMAZING!

  39. Wilma P says

    Would love to win this because I have great things about the i-Pad and I probably won’t be able to buy one for myself.

  40. Christy says

    This would come in handy at home. Our daughter dropped our laptop and broke it so we’ve been out a “portable” computer for a while.

  41. Nicole Klaus says

    I want to get My twin boys tablets for christmas. It would be nice to win one so I can get the other a nice one..instead of two cheaper ones

  42. Julie Thompson says

    I would love to win it because I don’t have a computer of my own I use a family members and I don’t have a cell phone either and so the only way my fiance can really contact me is when I am on line (he is over seas (time difference) 6000 miles away) and it is hard to determine when we are going to be on and he worries about me a lot because of my medical problems and when I go to be with him so we can get married and live my children will need a way to talk to me cause they will worry. Thank you for the giveaway

  43. Holly S. says

    I’d love to be able to keep up with emails on the go (I don’t have a laptop), and keep the kids busy (and quiet) in the car with game apps. Thanks!

  44. Lauren says

    I would love this because I’m always on the computer and could really use a smaller version to lug around- im a college student, I blog, I do book reviews for magazines/sites, etc.

  45. Linda Walters says

    I would like to download stuff from youtube for my students to watch on a large flat screen tv. It would be easier for them to learn if they have the practical applications to watch and observe. Thank you for the opportunity to win one

  46. Danielle Ring says

    I’d LOVE to win this cause I cannot afford one and have always wanted one!! Plus, I need a new computer and that’s what this is!!

  47. Lisa Bromley says

    My daughter’s lap top died so she’s been using my ipad wish I had one to give her as she needs it for her last semester of college!

  48. Kelly says

    My brother has an iPad and it would be great to be able to stay in touch with him and the rest of my family through facetime while I’m away at school. Not to mention how great it would be to have all my textbooks loaded onto a compact little device! :)

  49. Katie Ollis says

    I’d love to win one for the educational uses for my children and so I can chill on the couch while entering contests 😉

  50. Jenni says

    I just started a new company. Having an iPad would be a big help in presentations. With kids & Christmas coming up, affording one has been hard!

    Pick me!

  51. Dwayne Berry says

    I’d love this prize because my wife took over my iPad right after I got it and I haven’t hardly had a chance to touch it since.

  52. Jill L says

    This would be such a wonderful Christmas present under the tree for my husband. We never would spend this kind of money on each other so it would be a real surprise.

  53. Andrea Byrne says

    i hear that ipads help out autistic children with communicating, so i think this would be great to help my daughter

  54. Becky Grayson says

    I would love to win this for my son. He has wanted an iPad for the longest time and he helps me out so much it would be great to give him something like this.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  55. says

    I have heard that you can read books, read your mail and it is lightweight. I already bought a great pocket book that will fit the iPad in there comfortably. I’m ready! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  56. Monica Young says

    I have heard amazing things about the ipad! My kiddos would love the apps and I would enjoy the portability and ability to read books whenever and where ever.

  57. Leighann says

    I would love it to give to my Husband for Christmas. He got me an iPhone, he got my son an iPod touch, and my husband has nothing, not even a smart phone.

  58. mp phaiah says

    I would love to win an ipad so that i can read interactive books with my son. it would also be very helpful for traveling, which we do quite often!

  59. Lee Black says

    Would love to win this! We don’t have a tablet, and I would love to get one for the family! There are so many cool apps to use, and many educational ones for the kids.

  60. Michelle H. says

    My husband lost his job last Friday and this would be perfect for his job searching; being able to catalog all his applications, searching for new employers, having his digital resume with him all the time rather than a spiral notebook he just bought to try to keep himself organized.

  61. Peggy says

    This is on my Christmas list, and really want one! Winning one would be so great, it would help keep the Christmas budget within reason!!!


  62. Charlotte Raynor says

    I think this is a great electronic product to do a lot of things I do on my computer. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  63. jeannie says

    I would love to win , my computer is on slow death and runs extremely slow. Having the IPad would help me get things done faster.

  64. Mark N. says

    I would love to win this for ME! My son, who uses his for a communication device, needs his at all times. It would be nice to learn how to use one, as I”m not techy… YET

  65. Debra Ford says

    I would love this for my photos, to keep up with friends and family on social media, and to watch tv and movies!

  66. ewhatley says

    I didn’t care about an ipad until my best friend got one and showed me what it could do – now I really want one.

  67. Leslie S. says

    I would love an IPad 3! I could really use a portable, reliably way of checking email and surfing the net since I travel so much.

  68. Laurel O. says

    I’d love to win this for my husband. He does so much for our family that it would be great to bless him with such a nice gift. I know he would love it!

  69. Pam says

    Because I do not have a tablet of any kind and two friends and I are opening a small business. This would be so helpful to us!

  70. clarissa says

    i have really bad technology….an old phone (even before cameras were in them)….etc so something new and fancy would be so great

  71. dani marie says

    i am a completely broke college student. this would allow me to study and take notes in class. there is no way i could afford one on my own with tuition costs rising. :(

  72. Carolsue says

    I’ve used my friend’s iPad and it is SO much fun! And I could do so much with it, especially the Wi-Fi version!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  73. Melissa Henry says

    I have wanted an Ipad for years now but it always seems something comes up with either the kids, our house, cars, etc that keeps me from getting one. It isn’t a need, just a want. I would love to get educational apps for my toddler to use and it would be wonderful for airline travel with him. Plus I would LOVE one to take with me to the hospital when I have our second child in January.

  74. juanita may says

    I would love to win because the computer I use now is old and outdated, and I can’t afford to buy a new one. my daughter has an iPad and she is in love with it, and I want one now!

  75. Raina DelRio says

    I would love this prize because I am so far behind technologically and this would help bring me into this century!

  76. says

    Every year we buy the kids something special if they do well in school. This year our 13 YO daughter is in advanced classes with straight A and we know she wants an iPad but she has not asked for it. It’s so funny to see. She claims iPads are silly but I have seen her look at the ads in magazines. She is a good kid and does not want to let on that she really wants this. With things the way they are this year we can’t afford an iPad so this would be a fantastic prize to win for her.

  77. Charlene Glover says

    I would love to win this, it would be nice to have something bigger than my iPhone but smaller than my laptop :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Shana says

    I tried my son’s iPad for a couple of months & ended up getting a kindle fire. I like it, but I also miss the iPad for it’s size for reading. If I won, my mom might get the kindle!

  79. Shannon F. says

    I want to win because my husband would FREAK if I got him an Ipad for Christmas. lol He’d never be able to top it!

  80. Erica C. says

    This would keep me entertained during my long dull hours overnight at work. I’d love to win because I couldn’t afford it.

  81. Deb C says

    I would love this iPad because it would be such fun to have for organization, games, planning, research on the run and more.

  82. Greg says

    I don’t currently own a tablet and cannot even afford to own one at the moment so if I could win this Ipad I would be quite ecstatic.

  83. Crystal says

    I would love to win this for my husband. He is a truck driver and spends days away from home. This would be a great way for him to keep in contact with my daughter and I.

  84. Geoff K says

    I have to do a ton of traveling for work, so an iPad would be a godsend for getting work done on the go, but more importantly keeping me connected to friends and family (not to mention my music and media collection) when I’m on the road. Thanks!

  85. Tiffany Stone says

    I’ve wanted an ipad for a long time! my laptop barely works. My phone has a million problems. It would be beyond awesome to have a brand new ipad for the whole family to enjoy.

  86. Stephanie O'Day says

    I would love this iPad because it would be great to have for school. I am a college student and lugging around a laptop + books can be backbreaking (literally!) This would make my load a lot lighter and I could study in between classes easier.

  87. Melissa VandenBerg says

    I have been wanting one of these!! I can’t believe how far technology has come….so fun! I am amazed at all the feature that it has….

  88. Jill H says

    I would love this because I could use it for so many reasons. I am expecting baby #4, making 4 kids under 5 and am in the process of starting my own business. I am on the go all day and this would help so much.

  89. Kellie Conklin says

    I would love this prize so I could bring fun and current technology into the classroom! There are so many wonderful learning apps available! Also I would love to have something easy to transport for myself :) Thanks!

  90. Uriah says

    I would be very excited to get a feature like this after hearing so much about it from other companies. I guess late is better than never. I’ve been able to stream live TV on my iPad for the longest time with the DISH Remote Access app and a Sling Adapter connected to my receiver. Sometimes I catch up on my shows while I’m on lunch at DISH where I work. I really like that I can be anywhere I want, unlike the FiOS app which needs to be at home. Hopefully they get more channels soon. It would go great with an iPad giveaway like this.

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