NeatDesk Software and Scanner Review

We’ve been drowning in paperwork, so when I renovated my home office, I decided to get the NeatDesk Scanner and Software, which helps organize and eliminate paperwork. It’s better to show how it works than explain it in written words, so I put together this video!

So, apparently some of the YouTube viewers weren’t entirely thrilled with the amount of um’s I said in the video.  Sorry about that.  So, if you’d prefer my written review, here goes:

NeatDesk Software and Scanner Review

As a small business owner, I find myself drowning in paperwork.  I find myself always finding a good place for things like receipts, contracts, business cards, etc.  So, after I saw the NeatDesk Scanner at Staples, I decided it was something that may work for me.  I luckily received a great discount on a review unit, and was able to check it out.

Installing the NeatDesk software is easy – it’s also Mac compatible (I have the Mac version).  Then, you hook the scanner up to your computer via USB and can start scanning. The NeatDesk can scan multiple pages at a time, and you have the choice of whether you want them to be combined together (like multiple pages of a contract), or separate (like a stack of business cards).  You can also scan documents of multiple types together – for instance, if you made a major purchase, you may want to include the business card of the sales associate, the receipt, and the warranty all together in one file.

Once the items are scanned, the software works to analyze the information and extract what information it can.  In my experience, this works pretty well.  It will have a difficult time finding information in pictures – so if someone’s business card is just an image with the info, it may not be able to analyze it.  This functionality is certainly not 100% effective, but it does work pretty well.  You’ll also need to go in and manually make necessary changes.  I have my NeatDesk software connected to my contacts on my Mac, so they are automatically updated right to my computer (and then to my iPhone and iPad through iCloud).

I’ve been asked about how the software works.  I don’t use the software to do anything beyond hold my information.  So, all of my receipts are still separately input into Quickbooks.  You can create specific folders, or scan everything to one folder.  Someone asked about storage – I haven’t hit capacity, but NeatDesk is now offering a cloud storage option.  Either way, it’s important that you have some sort of backup on your computer.  While I toss the business cards after scanning them, I do hold on to important documents – just in case.  But, because they’ve been scanned, I’m not as concerned about organizing them.

The scan quality is excellent.  I actually use it as my go-to scanner, because it is so much faster than the scanner on my printer.  You can easily scan to a pdf, so it doesn’t even need to be stored in the software.  You can also scan two sides at once, which makes things so easy.  I am definitely getting lots of value out of the NeatDesk, so if you find yourself drowning in paper, it’s a great option.

You can find the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System at  Right now it’s available at a great price!

Disclosure: Promotional discount received on this item and link is an affiliate link.


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