New Baby Products at Isis Parenting

On Wednesday, when I attended the Boston launch party at Isis Parenting, I also got the opportunity to see some new baby products.   Here are a few that really resonated with me!

The 4Moms Origami Stroller

Oh I wish this was around when I was strolling around with little ones.   With one quick flick of the dial, this folder completely folds open or closed, and even warns you if the baby is still in the stroller.   It can also charge your cell phone and it has daytime lights.

The Inglesina Zuma High Chair

Perfect for homes with very little room, this high chair folds up to be the size of a regular chair and can slide right under the table for storage.

Cozy Tots Hats and Mittens

Made by single moms from American Mojo, these hats and mittens feature two layers of fleece.

Plush Mamaroo

This swing (another item I wish existed when my kids were younger) bounces and sways like moms and dads really do.   It has five modes, including a car motion mode.

To learn more, visit the Isis Parenting website.


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    I just bought the mamaroo..I’m nervous. I hope it’s worth it. So many people tell me their children don’t like these types of things. But i’ve watched countless videos and read reviews on the product and it seems worth it.

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    The Mamaroo and Origami are definitely both so cool! In terms of daily usefulness and practicality, the Mamaroo is incredible to have as a soothing, bouncing, swaying seat in the home if your budget allows.

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