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One Year After Accutane

One Year After Accutane

See that picture of me with a dolphin at Discovery Cove? A year and a half ago, I wouldn’t have bought the picture. In fact, I may not have even gotten in the water, knowing that my makeup and concealer would have washed off.

The cystic acne I was suffering from came on rather quickly. I didn’t suffer from acne as a teenager. I tried almost everything imaginable to control it – from natural remedies like apple cider vinegar and honey to medical treatments like peels, facials, and medications. I tried Retin A, Differin, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotics.

Nothing worked.

The whole time, my dermatologist recommended Accutane, but I had heard horror stories. I wanted to make sure I’d exhausted every option. By December 2011, I was waving the white flag. I had to wait a month to go on Accutane because of the blood work requirements, and then I started.

It wasn’t easy. The second month on Accutane was especially difficult. I was seeing improvement by the third month, but then had to go off of it because my liver enzymes were elevated. I went back on it, and in June of last year, my acne cleared and I went off it for good.

Now, it’s one year after Accutane (give or take a few weeks). My face is clear. The cystic acne is gone. I do still get the occasional breakout, but they are manageable and go away with a little spot treatment.

So, one year after Accutane, I’d say that I made the right decision for me. I know that a lot of visitors reach my site Googling for stories about Accutane, and I’d say that you should definitely make this decision with your doctor. It’s a serious drug with serious side effects, and with the blood work and doctor visit requirements, it’s not just something you take and forget about. But for me, it was the best option and I’m so glad I did it.


  1. Hopefully it will do the trick. I did three courses from 17-25. No more oil, that’s for sure! Unfortunately I turn 40 this week, and still break out, with incredibly dry skin. Curse the skin gods that think acne and wrinkles should come as a package deal. ;)

  2. Good to read. Just after having my youngest daughter at age 36, my hormones went crazy. Weight gain and acne. Both foreign to me. I’ve been trying everything for nearly 5 years, but it is just getting worse and my self esteem is getting worse by the day. I will likely go the Accutane route soon.

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