Protecting Our Little One with Protect-A-Bed

allerzipIt’s amazing how much allergies impact our every day life here in my home. Whether it’s seasonal, pet, food, indoor or outdoor allergies, we’ve got them all. At times, it seems like the runny noses never end. Now that my son is on the eve of moving into a big boy’s bed, I was excited to be given an opportunity to review some products from Protect-A-Bed. Protect-A-Bed offers cases, covers, and encasements for mattresses, box springs, and pillows.   It’s a necessity for many people with allergies to purchase covers or, in some cases, encasement to further protect themselves from the allergens and the dust mites that lurk in pillows and mattresses. You can find products that fit every size of mattress including crib mattresses.

We found installing the encasement very simple and using much less muscle power than I originally expected. It really only took one of us to place it over the twin mattress. I was surprised to feel how little it effected the sleeping surface. I imagined that we would hear crinkling or feel wrinkles under the sheets, but this isn’t the case at all. The same goes for the pillow cover. Since I have, on occasion, crashed in my son’s room to help him fall asleep or to help him sleep on those nights that he isn’t feeling well, I’m so happy that overall my comfort was not disturbed at all by the mattress encasement or the pillow cover. In addition to the protection from allergens, I think it’s great that our mattress is now waterproof from any accidents, once we begin potty training.

You can learn more about these products at Protect-A-Bed’s site or visit here to find a dealer near you.

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