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Rainbow Loom

If you have a tween daughter, and haven’t seen these elastic band bracelets yet – prepare yourself. Just like the long ribbon barrettes, thread friendship bracelets, or beaded friendship pins from our generation, these DIY bracelets are a huge fad with kids. After my daughter was fascinated watching some girls do these bracelets at our local pool, she just HAD to find one of the kits for herself. After a little research, I learned that they can be made either by hand, or with a kit from Rainbow Loom (or other brands).

I’ve been told that these kits can be found at crafting stores, toy stores, and other stores that sell kids’ crafting supplies, but I also found the Rainbow Loom kit on Amazon.com. The Rainbow Loom comes with the loom to make the bracelets, along with the C-clips, 600+ bands, instructions, and more – enough to make 24 bracelets. My daughter, after watching the other girls use the loom, quickly figured out how to do it and didn’t even need the instructions. They can also be made by hand, but according to her, the loom does make it easier.

Although the set comes with quite a few colors, you can purchase other colors separately. There’s a Glow in the Dark white color that my daughter is already asking for (it doesn’t come in the kit). The colors are available at the same places as the loom.

After receiving the kit, my daughter made all 24 of the bracelets within a day – making bracelets for herself, my husband, my son, and me. She even made a headband. It’s definitely a fun project for rainy days. I’ve heard they are selling out everywhere, so if your daughter wants one, pick one up when you see it!

You can learn more on the Rainbow Loom website.

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