Redoing the Home Office

homeofficeLike many residents of the Boston suburbs, we don’t have the largest home around.   While I’ve never had a home office, we always had a dining room separate from our kitchen.   Since we always eat in the kitchen, the dining room has gone almost completely unused – pretty impractical for a relatively small house.   This year, I finally convinced my husband to turn the dining room into my home office, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

We got rid of all of the furniture (except for the wine fridge, which isn’t going anywhere), and ordered new furniture.   I also got a small bookshelf from Target to hold small items, pictures, and accents.   Accessories for the desk came from Target and the Container Store, and to add a hint of color, I added a canvas print from Fed Ex Office.

The result is a clean, open room that is completely functional.   I’m so happy with it, and I know we won’t miss the dining room!


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