Review: Managing Bluebird by Amex With My iPhone

Bluebird American ExpressOne of the things that frustrates me about gift cards or prepaid debit cards is the lack of good tracking for expenses.  I never know how much money I’ve spend, where I’ve spent it, or how much I have left on my card.  But, as I’ve been using the Bluebird by American Express card, I’ve been thrilled to see that there’s lots of good tracking available.  Since I have an iPhone, I downloaded the app and now use it almost exclusively to manage my card.

Bluebird by Amex

The Bluebird iPhone app is free to download, and requires you to use a password to log in.  You’ll also need to answer your security question – so it definitely seems pretty secure.  From the app, I can pay bills (even setting up payees through the app if I haven’t already done so), send money and request money (two features I haven’t used yet).

You can also see transaction history for everything you’ve done with your Bluebird account, which definitely comes in handy if you are using your card to budget your expenses.  The app also displays your available balance (I’ve whited mine out on the screenshot above) which is especially important for when you make purchases.  With prepaid and debit cards I’ve sometimes had them declined if I don’t have the full amount of money left on the card for the purchase, so having access to my balance is important.

My favorite part of the app is the “deposit check” feature.  You can deposit a check simply by taking pictures of the front and back with your iPhone or iPad.  Since so much of my income comes through checks, this is especially helpful for me – I no longer have to physically go to the bank!  The app also features a few other bonus things, like a tip calculator for when you eat out at restaurants.

This type of tracking definitely makes Bluebird all that more appealing.  To learn more about Bluebird, visit their website.

Disclosure: This series of posts is sponsored by Bluebird by American Express.


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