Review of the John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight

My son loves trucks and things that go, but he also loves flashlights.   In fact, I have to hide flashlights from my kids because they destroy them – and of course I know I’ll need them at some point if there’s a power failure.   So, I think the new John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight by Learning Curve is brilliant because it combines two things little boys really love.

The flashlight looks like a regular John Deere tractor, and even makes tractor noises, but it also functions as a flashlight.   My son just loves running around “investigating” with his flashlight, when he’s not playing with the tractor.   It takes AAA batteries and has auto-shut off – essential for my little guy.

The John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight would be a great gift for the little guy in your life.   You can find it on the Learning Curve website.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review.  

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