Review: The Good Life for Less by Amy Allen Clark

Everyone likes to guess who the next Martha Stewart is going to be, but I don’t have to guess … I know.  My friend and fellow blogger Amy Allen Clark ( is so incredibly talented and skilled in crafting, home management, cooking, and baking, and she’s a nice person too.  So when I first heard she was writing her first book (I’m positive there will be more), I knew I’d be one of the first in line to get it!

Amy writes from experience – she was pregnant with her first child when her husband was laid off from his job.  So she had to get creative with their family finances and started baking and cooking from scratch.  She doesn’t go crazy with coupons, and uses smart shopping and advance planning to save money on groceries and other essential products.

The book starts out with an overview on how you can get a handle on your finances, including a few tips I also recommend, like tracking expenses in a notebook and making sure your bills are correct.  Although being frugal isn’t for everyone (I don’t consider myself to be frugal), Amy’s tips are great for anyone to read and follow.  The middle of the book includes some of Amy’s best recipes.  While not all of these recipes will work for everyone, you’ll definitely find at least a handful that you’ll want to include in your repertoire.  Finally, Amy talks about saving money on gifts and other purchases.

The thing I really like about The Good Life for Less is that it includes practical information along with inspiring you to save money while living better.  It made me want to focus on what’s most important – a great lesson for the New Year.

The Good Life for Less is being released today, and you can purchase it on

Disclosure: I received this book at no cost for review and the link is an affiliate link.


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    Oh, Jodi, thank you so much for this wonderful review! It means so much to me and to my family! This really was the sweetest and I so appreciate you sharing this with your readers! xo

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