Saving Money on Name Brands: TJMaxx and Marshalls Shopping Spree

tjmaxx_marshalls_bargain_clothingI’ve been needing a lot of new clothes lately for several reasons – one, I actually lost weight over the last year, and two, now that I’m not working full time, I no longer wear business clothes daily.   Buying new clothes is definitely fun, but can also be expensive.   So, when TJ Maxx and Marshalls offered me two $25 gift cards to shop and blog about it, I was excited to take on the challenge to find some reasonably priced, nice clothes.

My goal – to find some nice, brand name clothing that I could wear out to dinner that were still casual enough for my new stay at home life!   Since my local shopping center, Shopper’s World, contains both a TJMaxx and a Marshall’s, it’s super convenient to visit both of them in one visit.   I started at TJMaxx – and immediately found a Calvin Klein short-sleeved button down shirt that I loved.   It’s a soft material and has natural wrinkles, so it’s easy to care for.   That shirt was $19.99, so I was on a mission to find some cheap capris or shorts to match.

I didn’t come in under $25, but came in pretty close.   I found a great pair of capris by Arizona Jeans for $7 on the sale rack!   Together, they make a great outfit!

Next, I went to Marshall’s.   There, I immediately found a gorgeous black sweater wrap that I HAD TO HAVE.   It was $19.99, so it didn’t leave me much else, but I wasn’t going to leave it there.   Instead of looking for pants, I searched for a shirt to wear under the wrap.   I ended up with a soft, cozy blue tee – at $12.99 it brought my a little over budget, but it really is a great material.

I definitely could have found even greater deals at both stores if I was in a different size (as a petite size, I am limited a bit, unless I want to have something altered).   And, I didn’t look for accessories but Marshall’s especially had some great shoes (again, as a size 4 1/2 shoe, I’m limited unfortunately).

In need of some great new clothes with a limited budget – try your own “spendervention” at TJMaxx or Marshalls.

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