No More Shaving? We put TRIA Laser Hair Removal Device to the test.

With two kids under three, I often feel that any day I get a shower is a little miracle.   Hot water, a few moments of silence, a shampoo and a shave.   Ah, the shave.   While there may be some of you out there who can go a week and barely show signs of having not shaved, I am not one of those people.   I used to have to shave every day.   Notice that I said “used to”?   A year ago I plunked down the cash and tried laser hair removal on my lower legs at a local specialist.   It was expensive, it was moderately painful, but holy cow, it worked!   I was a believer.   Goodbye shaving!   Adios waxing!   I bought more packages.   I was thrilled.   Until the place went out of business, taking my money and my dreams of being silky smooth with it. (Darn you economic downturn!!)   Then, I heard about TRIA.   An at-home laser hair removal system. Yes, at home. Could it really be?   Did it work?   I had to try it for myself.

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone and works differently on individuals based on their skin tone, hair color and hair coarseness.   The procedure works best and most effectively when you have light-colored skin and dark hair (the laser reacts with the contrast of the hair’s dark pigment) making me an ideal candidate.   Since I already had experienced laser hair treatments on my legs, I knew that it worked for me.   The question was, would the TRIA give me similar results?

Tria Laser Hair Removal Review

tria laser hair removal reviewThe Tria Laser Hair Removal Device
TRIA is an FDA-approved laser hair removal device that provides easy, safe and convenient hair reduction (they can’t promise total removal) in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   The package includes the hand-held laser (looks like a hair dryer), a battery charger and a skin sensor (more about this later).     Before you can use the TRIA you must activate it by calling an 800-number or using their new online activation system.   The TRIA is pre-charged so after you activate, you can start right away. Each time you use the laser, you have to unlock it with the skin sensor.   You hold the skin sensor up to the area you are going to zap and press the button.   If it turns green, your skin tone is within the acceptable range to use TRIA.   Wave the sensor in front of the laser and it will unlock it for use.   If the sensor turns red, it means that the skin area is too dark to use the device on and the laser will not turn on.   (TRIA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so if your skin is too dark to use TRIA, you can return the whole device – they’ll even pay the shipping!)

How the Tria Laser Hair Removal Device Works
The TRIA offers three energy levels and you are directed to use the highest level you can tolerate which I found greatly depends on which part of your body you are working on. You press the triangular head of the device against your skin.   There is a start beep before the laser zaps and a lower, end beep when it is done (an error sound alerts you if zap wasn’t effective). Move the device over 1/8 of an inch and repeat. For those of you wondering about the amount of pain – I didn’t find it as painful as when I had it done professionally (plus you are in control), but level three is a good – though momentary – little sting.   Imagine a particular hair follicle getting a small pin prick or bee sting. The device has about 30 minutes of usage before it needs to be recharged (takes about 3 hrs.) ““ enough time to treat your underarms and bikini area in one session, but definitely not enough for legs.

Things I Like So Far About the Tria Laser Hair Removal Device
– Convenience: with two small children it wasn’t easy trying to find the time and the childcare to go to a laser hair appointment; now I can do it in the privacy of my own home whenever I have time;
– No trigger finger: the laser goes off when the triangular censor is pressed completely against the skin. No trigger to push over and over;
– Treatments every two weeks:   At the salon, I went in every 6-8 weeks so it felt like a long time to see results.   The recommended TRIA use is every other week for the first 3 months and then once a month for the next 3-5 months;
– Great deal (if it works):   If you are new to laser hair removal, the TRIA may seem exorbitant at $795.   Keep in mind – though I bought my leg package during a 50% off special, below-the-knee leg laser hair removal normally went for $900 at the place I went to.   So while the TRIA is a pretty penny, the fact that you can treat multiple locations for less than many places change for only lower leg makes it a GREAT deal!

For this test, I’m trying the TRIA on my bikini line and above-the-knee leg.   Check back in the next month for an update to see if it’s working! Ready to buy?
Check out Kate’s update here.

Jodi also reviewed the Tria.  Here’s her “Getting Started With the Tria Hair Removal Laser” post, and Jodi’s update, with video, here.

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  1. Jodi says

    Wow! If this works, it would be great! Do you have to protect your eyes like you do in a professional spa? I could imagine it would be hard to treat your skin while your eyes are covered.

  2. says

    I just used mine for the first time. You don’t have to cover your eyes because the laser window has to be in full, complete contact with your skin to activate the laser. I started with low, but bumped it up to medium. I used it under my arms, bikini line and stomach. Very minimum discomfort. I can’t even call it pain. We’ll see what happens!

  3. says

    Please keep me posted. I just bought the TRIA too after 12 sessions over the last 3 years at med-spas, which never got rid everything. So am looking forward to the same benefits that you mentioned. I’m starting my first one tonight.

  4. says

    I just got mine yesterday from QVC I got it because it will be billed to me in 5 easy payments of 166.15 over a 5 month period and thats why I got it.But I had a few treatments done before and it was expensive to say the lease so I hope this works for me.

  5. Joy says

    I also got mine at QVC. I had professional laser hair removal a few years ago. Worked great but it does start to grow back over time. Having a hand held personal unit is wonderful – especially since I can treat new areas that would simply have been too expensive before. Of course it is only a good value if it works. I received it this week and used it several times in different areas so far. My skin is light and my hair is dark and often coarse. I have only used level 3 and there is a sharp twinge at times but it is momentary and not intolerable at all. I find it feels a lot like my memory of the professional treatments. I am looking forward to the one month update from Kate!!

  6. Mary says

    Seriously considering buying this. Have been all over the net looking for long term reviews/results. I have had treatments at a spa and am happy with results. Would like to spot treat and do other areas at home “if this works”. So far reviews are sounding pretty good. Look forward to reading all of your results/reviews.

  7. prav says

    Hi just checked on QVC to buy one but cant find one, Ive been waiting for Tria to put an easy payment system on there site but no luck so far. Would love to buy a Tria, I’ve wanted one for a few years now but can afford it :(. Anyway can anyone suggest a site that does easy payment system. Love all the comment. Im abit worried that im indian but i have light skin do you think it will still work.

    Thanks loads.

  8. says

    Marti – this is the answer from the TRIA website:

    Can the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System be used on the face, head or neck?

    No. It is intended for use below the neck: on the legs, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, stomach, arms, hands, or feet. It has not yet been cleared in the U.S. for use on the face, head or neck.

    • Terri says

      It was not approved by the FDAfor face, because Tria never asked it to be. So of course they will say not to sue on face, head or neck However, I bought it to use on my facial hair and I am happy to sayafter a month I am seeing less hair. It is a godsent for people with Hirsuitism.

  9. Mochu says

    @Giana: Lazar? Really? Even though the words “Laser” is clearly labelled throughout the article, you said “Lazar”? Do you go to school? Because if you can’t copy word spelling I doubt you can safely use a laser. I expect you may try to use it on your eye or the cat.

    • Mwsister87 says

      @ Mochu, wow you’re crazy rude.  She is obviously a kid, asking if it’s “save to use” on a 14 year old.  Get over it!  Would you want people going off on your children like this? Think before you post.  

  10. Mary says

    I have the Tria and LOVE it. I purchased it at 795. it is now 495. Buy it. You have to be consistent and use it as they say. I would say my hair on legs, bikini and underarms is 85%+ less. My legs feel softer and I shave so much less. When I do shave it takes a few minutes to do all. I had profession treatment on lip and underarms. I finished treating my underarms at home. I have used this on my upper lip with no problem. The laser has a battery life so many charges so I hope I can remove all the hair before the thing dies. I highly recommend it. I have documented every time I used it with the intent to blog it but havn’t. I would suggest to buy it, use and be hair free. Wish I had done this a long time ago (just like lasik). Some of the best money I have spent.

  11. says

    I’ve only really heard good things about the system…and at the price it seems like such a bargain compared to what I paid to have a professional treatment (which I still want to upkeep anyhow!). I think it would be a wise investment for anyone.

  12. Linda says

    I bought Tria about a month and a half ago, which means I’ve only used it three times. I think I’m seeing some change, but I’m not sure. Three questions: does it work better if I use it more often the every two weeks as told by Tria? Also, once I shave I don’t know where to go, as I can’t see the hairs! What’s the trick? Lastly, how do I know I’ve gotten everywhere? There’s a lot of leg to cover! Even my bikini line, I don’t know if I got it all.
    Thanks for any help and suggestions

  13. Kate says

    Linda – it doesn’t help to do it more often. You’re trying to work with the growth cycle of the hair. So once you’ve zapped a particular hair, you need to wait for the hair follicle to try to regrow it again before using the TRIA again will be useful.
    My trick for trying to cover an area completely? White eyeliner pencil – though any color would work. I divide my leg into sections – once in half, then each of those into half, both front and back. Go up and down in rows within each section. Hope this helps!

  14. says

    At home laser treatment is cheap and effective and has worked wonders for my hairy back. Beats paying thousands for professional treatment and and is much less painful than waxing. Home laser treatment all the way.

  15. sandy says

    i would love to know if it is OK to use the laser on the sensitive places between both bikini lines the private place pubic hair and even the lips and if we can use it around the nipples ? or its not safe

  16. Lisa says

    And yet, at the expense of TRIA, advise to use only on the largest (fifth) setting. Although it is a bit painful (especially bikinis) but I think the effect is better. I have so far, the best result is a bikini and underarms, mostly bald spots with very rare zones of hair and that hair that has not yet fallen grow very slowly for two weeks can not shave (those that remain). Where the hair is too bright I’m doing fine, 2-3 flash in a row on the same place, between the flashes passes 3.5 seconds (lamp being charged) and then heats the hair stronger and the effect is much greater. Where the hair is quite dark enough a flash.

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