Stouffer’s Let’s Fix Dinner Blogger Roundtable – Fixing Family Dinners

As you may have heard, this week, Stouffers hosted a Let’s Fix Dinner blogger roundtable event in Solon, OH, and I attended with fourteen other bloggers.   The topic, Let’s Fix Dinner, focused on how families can overcome some of the barriers to sitting down to dinner as a family, and featured some amazing speakers, such as Carleton Kendrick, author of Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We’re Going to Grandma’s, and Antonia LoFaso from Top Chef Chicago.

Here are my key takeaways about family dinners:

  • Research shows that teens who have frequent family dinners are more likely to say their parents are proud of them
  • At dinnertime, set a good example for your kids – that means turning off your electronic devices also
  • Use dinnertime as a chance to catch up with what is going on in your family’s life.   Don’t ask questions like “How was your day?”.   Instead ask more specific questions, and show that you are interested in your childrens’ lives.
  • Dinner with one parent works also.   In addition, it doesn’t have to be dinner – if breakfast is better, that works also.
  • If your kids ask you to come into their word, do it.   Don’t say that you don’t have time, and don’t say no.
  • Having conversations at dinner can also make you eat less – you need less food when you are conversing
  • Don’t use management talk, dictating to your kids.   Instead, use explanatory talk, and get your kids talking

Stouffers is sponsoring a Let’s Fix Dinner challenge, through 8/30.   To join, sign up at the Let’s Fix Dinner website and set your weekly dinner goal to be eligible to win prizes.   Then, update your dinner status every week for the chance to win additional prizes.   When you sign up, Stouffers will make a donation to Feeding America.

To read about how Stouffers and Publicis PR got social media marketing to moms right with this event, read this post.

This trip was sponsored by Stouffers.


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