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Bad Pitches: Shouldn’t This Be in PR 101?

So, I know the topic of bad pitches has been done to death, and honestly, you’d think this wouldn’t even really be an issue.   At the Mom 2.0 Summit, my friend Ciaran compared bad pitches to bad pick-up lines, which is an accurate comparison.   But, if you are teaching dating tips, you wouldn’t… [read more]

Return on Investment (ROI) on Social Media Outreach Series – Part One

Back in my former career, I spent quite a bit of time creating ROI (Return on Investment) models.   While some ROI modeling can be relatively straightforward, measuring the benefit of marketing can be extremely difficult, because the impact is often hard to measure.   There isn’t always a direct linkage from a social media… [read more]

Reaching Mom Bloggers: Inviting Mom Bloggers to Corporate Events

Is your company thinking of organizing a social media blogger outreach event with influential mom bloggers?   I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to several blogger outreach events, and watched others from afar.   When a mom blogger is invited to an event, she often wonders why exactly was she chosen to participate,… [read more]

The Nielsen Power Moms – How to Pick Just 50?

I came home from vacation yesterday to see loads of tweets about the Nielsen Online 50 Power Moms.   After scouring the list of influential moms (and yes, I wasn’t expecting to see my name but was still looking for it – admit it – you were too!) I realized there were a lot of… [read more]

Getting Social Media with Mom Bloggers Right: The Stouffers Let’s Fix Dinner Event

This week, I attended the Let’s Fix Dinner blogger outreach event sponsored by Stouffers, and before I blog all about the things I learned and the conversations we had, I just had to give full credit to Stouffers and Publicis PR for the amazing event. I’ve attended loads of planned events in the past, such… [read more]

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