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How Do You Get Your Bounce On?

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If you haven’t had a chance yet, don’t forget to head on over to the Bounce Quiz on Facebook to see what type of Bounce you are.   Then, you can go to this post, and leave a comment to be entered to win a year’s supply of Bounce! The other members of the Bounce… [read more]

Win a Year’s Supply of YOUR Bounce!

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As a member of the Bounce Brigade at Blissdom, I helped lots of visitors to the Bounce suite figure out if they were team bar or team sheets (as I am!).   Now, it’s time to let me know what YOU are! Head on over to the quiz, and figure out what team you are… [read more]

The Bounce Brigade at Blissdom


I’ve written quite a bit about Blissdom 2011, but my trip wouldn’t have been possible without my sponsor, Bounce!   On Friday at the conference, Bounce hosted a suite where attendees had the chance to find out whether they were team bar or team sheet! I’m team sheet, but based on my time in the… [read more]

I’m a Member of the Bounce Brigade at Blissdom


I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been asked to join the Bounce Brigade at Blissdom next week.   Each of us is representing either Team Bar or Team Sheets, and I’ll be there as a member of Team Sheets! I’m all about using Bounce, but I like the option of adding a sheet to… [read more]

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