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Saving for College With Wells Fargo #WFCommunity #spon

Two years ago, my husband and I hit a huge milestone.  We finally paid off our student loans. I went to an expensive 4-year private college, and my husband did too.  Then, we both went to business school for two years.  The bills added up, and it was a lot of work to pay them… [read more]

Manage Your Kids’ Allowance and Let Them Safely Shop Online

kids' allowances

My kids’ regularly earn an allowance, but it’s not the easiest thing for me to manage.  Sometimes I forget, and other times I just don’t have the cash available to give to them.  So, we’re usually shopping somewhere when they decide they want something and remind me about all of the money I’ve forgotten to… [read more]

Holiday Shopping Budgeting With Bluebird By American Express

Bluebird American Express

This is the time of year when my holiday shopping budget gets completely blown.  Either I get so overwhelmed with shopping that I buy too much, or I find just ONE MORE THING that I just have to buy for someone.  Since I’m working on a campaign with Bluebird by American Express, I thought that… [read more]

Review Series: Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird American Express

I’ve made no secret of my love for American Express – whether it’s the purchase protection benefits that you receive (so much better than the benefits I’ve experienced from other cards), to the access to entertainment events and roadside assistance.  Since American Express cards aren’t necessarily right for everyone, I was happy to see American… [read more]

Family Finance Tip: Opting Out of Those Annoying Credit Card Offers


Do you gets lots of those pre-approved credit card and insurance offers?   Receiving those offers can be tempting, but it can also make identity theft a lot easier for thieves.  They are also a complete waste of paper, and of time, since you have to shred everything.  If you don’t want those offers filling… [read more]

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