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Family Grocery Shopping With the Supermarket Guru


I’m so excited, because next week, the Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert (the food trends expert on the Today Show, regular guest on the View, and ConAgra spokesperson) is going grocery shopping with my son and me next week!   Using receipts from my trips over the past few weeks, he’s going to help me find… [read more]

Improve Your Grocery Shopping Strategy with the Supermarket Guru


A few weeks ago, as part of my partnership with ConAgra, I asked all of you for questions for the Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, and wow, you all had some great questions.   We had over 80 questions submitted, and we chose the top five for Phil to tackle first.   Check out his responses… [read more]

Improve Your Grocery Strategy Month and Giveaway!


As I stated in my announcement on Friday, I am working with ConAgra this year as an ambassador.   I’m celebrating the partnership here with a big promotion/giveaway for readers. Like most moms, I can definitely improve my grocery shopping strategy.   From finding the best value, to figuring out how to bring the kids,… [read more]

Home Grocery Deliveries with Peapod


On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to tour one of the Peapod grocery delivery “warerooms” at a local Stop & Shop along with other Boston-based bloggers.   I’ve shopped at Stop & Shop hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, but hadn’t ever gotten Peapod delivery. It was really interesting to see exactly how the shoppers… [read more]

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