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20 Week Clutter Plan

20 week clutter plan

We’ve lived in our house for 9 years now, which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere as an adult. After bringing up two kids here, setting up a home office, and spending most of my time at home, it’s well-lived in. Unfortunately, it’s also gotten cluttered, as we haven’t really had any specific need to… [read more]

Sell Old Cell Phones For Cash With ecoATM


This summer, I’ve been working to declutter our home – tackling individual areas of our house each week. I’ve found A LOT of stuff that I need to get rid of, and have been making piles of things to toss in the trash, to pass down to family members, to donate, and to sell. My… [read more]

Family Organization for Moms With Knock Knock


I’ve always been fairly organized, but now that I’m responsible for my schedule as well as my children’s busy schedules, I have to write everything down.   But, for me, the plain old pad of paper just isn’t going to work.   The bright, colorful, themed notepads from Knock Knock make t0-do lists, to-buy lists,… [read more]

Peter Walsh’s Back to School Tips


While I don’t have a child going “˜back to school’ this year, unless you count preschool, I was beyond excited to participate in a recent webinar featuring Peter Walsh and his tips on preparing for back to school. This was my second webinar with Walsh hosting and Office Max sponsoring (You can read my earlier… [read more]

Getting Rid of Stress with Peter Walsh


When I was recently invited to watch a special webcast featuring Peter Walsh, of Clean Sweep and Oprah fame, I became very excited. Anyone who has spent any time with me knows all about my fascination with organization products and “school supplies.” I think a big part of my enjoyment of college and grad school… [read more]

2008 Resolutions

If you are like  most other moms, you take care of yourself last – after the family, house, pets, etc.   This year, celebrate yourself by making and sticking to some New Year’s Resolutions that will keep you happier and healthier.   We’ve put together a few great resolutions, with some product suggestions that will… [read more]

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