Taking Care of Myself First

The weeks leading up to Christmas, starting at Thanksgiving, are the busiest weeks in my schedule.  Obviously, I need to get ready for the holiday season, but this site is also super busy during the holiday shopping season, as I put together my gift guide here, and my ski guide on Family Travel Magazine.  This year, since we were traveling to Walt Disney World over Thanksgiving and then again at the beginning of December, things were even more stressful.  Add on a case of lice right before we went on vacation the first time, and I was at my maximum stress level.

When I’m stressed, I make a crucial mistake – I don’t take care of myself.  I stayed up late and didn’t get enough sleep.  I skipped working out and canceled a tennis lesson.  I ate food on the go, and I forgot to take my vitamins.  And, on day three of my vacation, of course I got sick.  But since I didn’t want to give up any of my vacation, I continued the 12-hour days in the parks.  By the time we got home, I had a severe case of bronchitis that had triggered asthma.  Two doctor’s visits later (along with two rounds of steroids), I finally felt good enough to travel to the New Fantasyland media trip.

I learned that I NEED to take care of myself.  So this week, while I’m incredibly stressed wrapping gifts and getting ready for my kids’ holiday parties, I’m taking time for myself.  I’m going to yoga class and taking my tennis lesson.  I’m sleeping and taking deep breaths and I know it WILL get done.  Or it won’t, and that’ll be okay too.  Even though I do take time out of my day to do these things, I feel better while I’m doing them, and for the rest of the day, I have more energy.  I also feel better about myself – that great feeling you get when you know that you’ve accomplished something for the day.  So while I may not make that last batch of cookies or wrap my presents in the most fancy manner, I’ll be healthy, and that’s most important.

I’ve partnered with Harvard Pilgrim  on this sponsored post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. You can find more ways to be well at HarvardPilgrim.org/CountUsIn.

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