The Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone announced their color of the year for 2013, and it’s emerald!  Personally, I think it’s a great choice because it’s a color that looks nice on everyone and works for all seasons.  If you are wondering how you can incorporate emerald into your wardrobe and beauty routine, here are a few options.

The Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

Emerald Accessories:

There are lots of options for emerald accessories, including carrying an emerald colored handbag (handbag pictured here is from Cole Haan), wearing an emerald jacket (this one is from Coach), or wearing an emerald statement necklace.  I actually think emerald accessories are the best way to wear the Pantone color of the year – it’s subtle, but still makes a statement.

Emerald Makeup:

Pantone has worked with Sephora to develop a cosmetics collection called Sephora + Pantone Universe.  The collection includes the emerald nail polish pictured above along with cosmetics palettes in lots of different colors.  There will also be emerald colors introduced this year.  You can also find emerald eye shadows like this one from Make Up For Ever.  The key in wearing emerald eyeshadow is subtlety – use it as an eyeliner or as a highlight color on your lid.

Emerald Clothing:

You’ll find lots of options in emerald this year, but I like the idea of just a pop of color.  Consider wearing some emerald-colored skinny jeans – colored skinny jeans are still in style and you’ll find lots of different options.  I just picked up an emerald tank at Target for $5, and it’s perfect to wear under my favorite black sweater.

The key to wearing the Pantone color of the year is making sure you are wearing it sparingly.  Choose just one emerald option rather than multiple items, and you’ll definitely be in style!





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