The Search for Skylanders Hot Dog

Skylanders Hot Dog

File this under “The things we do for our kids….  ”

My little guy doesn’t ask for much.  So when he does, if it’s reasonable, I try to get him what he wants.  Two weeks ago, he was home sick and was playing around on the iPad (supervised, of course) looking at Skylanders – his favorite game.  When he saw Hot Dog, one of the new characters, he had to have him.  Since he still had Christmas money to spend, we took him searching for Hot Dog, but realized that the best way to get him is through this Scorpion Striker set, available exclusively at Game Stop this month.  It didn’t come out until January 11th, so he had to wait.

On the 11th, I stopped at one of our Game Stops (there are three within a five mile radius here!), and found out that it hadn’t arrived yet.  The following day, I visited right as the UPS guys was delivering boxes.  There were 5 sets in those boxes, but they’d all been reserved.  The clerk was nice enough to call another Game Stop, but they too were all gone by the time I got there.

Luckily, when I went home, it was available online.  I quickly ordered it (it sold out FAST), and it arrived last night!

My son was so happy – he even did a little dance when the box arrived, and it made it all worth it.

As a side note – I noticed that Game Stop has them back in stock online.

Skylanders Hot Dog


  1. Jenna Parsons says

    Awesome! Our daughter really wants Hot Dog too! Our Gamestop had them in-store last week, I really should have bought one because now they are gone…

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